Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anon-e-mus Post

I can't tell you who this becuz, well, I don't want to be smooshed by his giant butt.
We're starting a pee-tition and there are four signatures so far.

Care Bear
Sam the Ham
Conrad. Just Conrad cuz we can't think of anything else but Dingleberry.

BTW, he's losing his dingleberries tomorrow. Mom said it will make him smarter because they suck the brains right out of boyz. She said this is the same with human men but for some reason they can't have theirs chopped off so I guess that's why they act stupid a lot. This must be true because all the boyz in our house are super-genius dogs and we're dingleberry free. He doesn't know what's happenin' so we're gonna have a boy to boy talk later and read this book.

Uh, anyway. Our pee-tition is that we don't want to share a water bowl with Otis anymore. It's disgusting and slimy and gross. It's like an oil slick after he drinks in there and there's goober strings everywhere and it should have caution tape around it. We'd show you a picture but the flash glares off the slick water surface. I shudder just thinking about the germ pit that it is.

We'll let you know what happens and maybe post a pic of Conrad's stitches. See, there's always a reason to come back to our blog.


Gus said...

Hmmmmmm....Maybe you guys should consider teaching Otis P to drink out of the toilet.

Good wishes to Conrad on his tutoring session

gussie n teka

Peppy Sheppys said...

Dear he who shall not be named but shares my name,

Gooberwater is delicious, almost as delicious as barf. Mmmm.


PS. Good luck with the dingleberries, lil man! When I had mine done (at the ripe old age of old) mine swelled up like peaches and people had to hold ice packs on 'em. Good times!

Ailsa and Angel Brodie said...

Is he staying? looks like he made himself at home. Maybe Otis needs a bucket.

Peanut said...

OMD I know just how you all feel. Peanut leaves slobber and grossness when he drinks. That's why I like to drink out of the toilet.
Good luck on the balls removal.