Thursday, June 16, 2011

Conrad ~ Our Foster Brother ~ Looking for Love

Well, it's happened again.  Somehow we have a new Foster Brother and his name is Conrad.  We knew it was just a matter of time, but Mom sprung this on us out of the blue.  He ended up at the very awesome Irving Animal Care Campus around the middle of May as a stray.  He waited and waited but nobody came to pick him up.

Sooo the shelter kept getting more dogs in and pretty soon his time there was coming to an end.  So Mom talked to some awesome ladies at BC Pitbull & Bully Breed and Rescue and they decided to get him out of the shelter about an hour before his time was up.  Here is his pic from the shelter:

Looks pretty unhappy, huh?  Yea, we thought so too.  Here he was once he got home:

Can you see the resemblance to our very own Tucker-Doodle??  Crazy, huh?

So anyways, Mr. Conrad is looking for his forever home.  He'd like to stay here with us but Mom said the inn is closed to permanent guests these days sooooo we're here to tell you all the reasons Conrad would make a pawsome new family member.

You probably can't tell from the pics above, but Conrad is a bit on the squatty size but with a big dog head.  Cool, huh?  He's like a hybrid ninja dog.  He looks small but can play like a big dog.  This also is helpful if there's maybe a home who likes the attitude of a big dog, but in a compact body.  To give you an idea, he's about Samantha the Basset Hound's height, maybe an inch or two taller.  Uh, don't look at his boy bits, those are going away as soon as his kennel cough clears up.  

Conrad LOVES toys, especially stuffed ones.  He also is very good at playing fetch although sometimes he'd rather you chase him and play tug-of-war to get the toy back. He also likes to chase his Pittie brother around the backyard and wrestle like a crazy dog.  He's not much of a barker except sometimes when he's playing with the other dogs.

You might notice from the picture above that Conrad believes he is a giant among dogs.

For those of you that might be reading and don't know us, Conrad has four foster-siblings.  Three boys and one very grumpy girl.  Samantha is a senior Basset Hound, Bear is a senior Lab, Rulon is a spastic energy filled Pittie and Otis is a goofball Dogue de Bordeaux.  At around 30 lbs or so Conrad is greatly outweighed but you'd never know it.  He gets along with everyone and the only time there is an issue has been a few occasions that he was grumpy after being stepped on or "trapped" under somedog.  We're working on this though and things are going well.  We kinda think this might be improved after he loses his dangly parts, we all know how they make boys dumb sometimes.

You might be wondering what Conrad is made up of...the shelter listed him as a Basset mix, but personally we think he's part Corgi.  He has some killer herding skills too.  Here are a few more pics, what do you think?  Maybe he needs a DNA test!  He's definitely one of a kind though.
Some of these are cell pics, sorry for poor quality.
(Uh, we know he's not supposed to be on the furniture but he seems to like it a lot there...)

So here are some random things about Conrad you might be interested in...

*He was an intact stray when he came into the shelter.  He is finishing up treatment for Kennel Cough and as soon as he does he will be neutered as well as updated on all vaccinations.

*Since he is being treated for Kennel Cough, we've learned that he's a champ at taking medicine in a Pill Pocket or in cheese.  He even was a good boy when having cough meds shot down his throat with a syringe (uh, and even sweet when Mom shot it in his eye by accident).  Bonus!

*As posted above, we're working on his random grumpiness with Otis.  Otis is kind of a big oaf and steps on him a lot which makes Conrad unhappy.  Otis does not react to his grumpiness, but we feel that although Conrad LOVES having siblings he might need to be the alpha dog or at minimum be with other non-reactive dogs.  He does love to play chase and wrestle like a wild dog though so please don't think he doesn't get along with others!  He even lets crazy Rulon drag him around by the neck when they are wrestling. (Again, see our note above about things improving once he's testosterone-free)

*Conrad has not been cat tested yet.  If you are interested in him and want to know we will be happy to test him for you.  On a side note, he does watch the squirrels eat right outside his window and doesn't react at all.  His foster brothers chase them in the backyard so he does too, but we think that's more because it's fun than seeing them as prey.

*Conrad lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area, but we can arrange transport to his new home nationwide.  Nothing is impossible for the right family!!  Remember our Foster Brother Walter?
He lives in California now!

*Since he was a stray we're not sure of what he's experienced in life but we have noticed that he becomes very stressed/fearful in an "angry" situation.  For example, Mom was yelling on the phone (hard to believe, right??) and she noticed Conrad hiding in the corner.  Also if anything is raised around him like he might be hit he cowers down and cringes.  Makes us sad, but he has a new life now and no more worrying for him!

*He was crated his first night at home, but has slept free in the house every night since.  He has not had an accident since coming home and has not chewed or destroyed anything so we would definitely call him housebroken and well mannered.  He does adore a good bully stick though! During the day he has his "suite" of two bedrooms to hang out in and he spends a lot of time sleeping in front of and patrolling the yard from the window.  

*You might have noticed various pics of him on the furniture and bed...while he does love being on there he will comply with directions to get down.  He's a cuddler for sure and has figured out if he waits till Mom is asleep he can get on the bed and sleep next to her until morning.  He's smart that way.

*He's underweight and has been fattening up a little since coming home.  During this he has learned to get in line and wait his turn for treats, etc next to the rest of us.  (Same for pill time)  He does very well and tends to pick up on directions quickly. He would probably love agility and/or training classes as well.  He does know how to give you his paw already. (video coming soon)

*If you think Conrad might be a great fit for you or any of your friends or family please let us know!  If you have more questions about him email our Mom anytime (maryann @ puchelli . com) and she can also send you more pics of him.  We add a lot of photos to her Facebook too, friend us on there.

*If your inn is full like ours, you can still help Conrad by sharing this link on your Facebook or Twitter and by emailing it out to your friends.  Once Conrad finds a home it will open up our foster spot at the house so we can help another by helping out you've helped save two homeless pups!
It's a win-win!
***Please DO NOT post this to Craigslist!!!

Thanks for reading and sharing Conrad...
hopefully his new forever family is out there and they will find each other soon!

The Brat Pack
Bear, Sam, Otis and Rulon
(and our Mom)


Sam said...

He's a pretty boy and we know he is going to make someone a pawesome friend!


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Nice photos and blogs!!!You do have a lot of friends, wanna play with them...:)
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