Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's hot.

Otis here.

It's really, really hot here.  Like I don't wanna go out and poop kind of hot.  Don't worry, I still go but I hate it. Rulon says I'm a wimp but Mom says because my snooter is short I'm special needs and can't take much heat.  Rulon is a butthead and doesn't know what he's talking about.

I've kinda been in a little trouble lately because of the new squatty dog.  He keeps sticking his nose in my business and being all "Woohoo, look at me, I'm Conrad and I can run SO fast and I LOVE the heat and I can jump on the bed all by myself".  A dog can only take so much before cracking so I beat him up.  Well, kinda.  I didn't make him bleed but I let him know that I didn't give a :::bleeped out word::: about his stupid puppy skills.  Sure he can jump all around, but he's like 50 pounds and I'm like, well, a lot more.  If he had my weight on his stumpy legs he wouldn't be jumping anywhere.  I think he got the message because he's been all sucking up to me since then.  

We did get a pool, but I was the only one brave enough to use it.  Sam the Ham wouldn't even come out of the house when she saw it, what a looooser.  Bear had a drink out of it but my other brothers were wimpy sissy dogs.  I think I look like one of the Baywatch lifeguards.  Not the chicks though.  


Gus said...

Indeed, you look quite handsome and handsome. Teka says she would join you in the pool any time.


Suzy said...

Very handsome indeed! I would get my brats a pool, but I fear my puppy/bratty girl would use it to get wet and then roll in the mud. And as an English Creme Retriever the mud really shows on her - and then she likes to come inside and share it with all my furniture. But the whole idea of a pool does make me think she would have so much fun.

Peanut said...

Mom says I'm one of those special dogs with a short snooter who can't handle the heat either. I like to sunbathe though and she doesn't let me.

I like to drink out of our pool but won't get in it.

Try and stay cool dude

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Stay as cool as you can. Maybe you should be like Gus in the video we posted today and move the pool inside the house.