Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Dog Special at DFW Humane!

Hey DFW buddies...

DFW Humane is having a "Big Dog Special" this month...only $50 for dogs over 40 pounds PLUS you get a brand new dog bed to take home too.  Us big dogs have to stick together and that's why I'm here to tell you that we ROCK.  You totally want to adopt a big dog because we have lots of perks little dogs don't have, like...

1.  You don't have to bend down to pet us.

2.  We can be used as a body pillow in bed, try doing that with a rat terrier.  (Uh, no offense Millie) 

3.  It's easier to clip our nails, you don't have to go searching for itty-bitty-dainty-nails.

4.  Yes, our poop might be bigger, but it's easier to see meaning you have less chance of stepping in it.

There are a lot more reasons, but I don't want to turn off you little-dog people too much.  So seriously, check out the Big Dog Special here and visit some of the big-uns at DFW Humane.

Oh and meet Garo...he's one of Mom's faves.

So stop reading this and GO GO GO!!!  -Big Bear

1 comment:

Jasmine, BamBam and Eski said...

this is farni !!!
yea you're right, we dun have to bend down to pet you guys!

come, give you a bear hug!