Thursday, October 7, 2010

Please help us.

(Not by us!)

This is Clancy and he's at Irving Animal Services in Irving, Texas.  Some person applied to adopt him so the shelter gave him all his shots and neutered him but then they never came to pick him up.  Now his time has run out and he's on "the" list.  He is mojo-ing our Mom through this picture and we need someone to step up and rescue or adopt him before he comes to live with us.  For the love of Dog, PLEASE.

Mom will help get him from DFW to anywhere in the country if there's a rescue or responsible family who would take him in.  You can write her at if you can help out!  THANKS!!


PS  RULON-MOOCH's ok if he comes to live with us, think of how much FUN we could have together!!  It's like SUPER-PITTIE-POWER!!


Peppy Sheppys said...

Rulon Mooch,

I must say that the pittie power sounds pretty wonderful. He reminds my ma ape a little bit of one of my brudders. I wish we had room for him here.

But maybe Rulon needs a toy? Ethel got tenny balls, I got hostas, OBST got Edgrr. Everybody needs a favorite toy.


Tiffany said...

The Irving shelter is just awful. I hope the adoption works out, please keep us posted on the cutie!

-Blogless Dog's mom in D/FW

jen said...

We read your post yesterday and are keeping our paws crossed!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

All of you except Rulon are having a panic attack over this. But having Clancy living with you could be lots of fun. Think of all the mischief you could get into together.

Kirby said...

Power to the Pitties! I know I'm not even a Pittie, but inside I'm a big dog, well that's what my mom says.

I hope Clancy finds his forever home, but I'm sure he'd love living with all of you guys!