Monday, May 28, 2007


We've been tagged by lots of you guys so we're compiling it all into one. :) We're supposed to talk about interesting/little known things about us so here goes.

1. We all have really stinky gas. We're talking gas that will peel the wallpaper off the walls. It doesn't matter what we do or don't eat, we always smell.

2. The only thing we consistently like to chew is underwear. We LOVE them. Unless they are brand new, all of the peoples underwear are holy. Uh, not in a religious way.

3. Bear has ZERO regard for ones personal space. Your space is his space, period.

4. Dot snorts like a pig when she's excited. (Isn't that something to look forward to, Sherman?!)

5. Tucker's bottom jaw is half the size it's supposed to be.

6. Thrawn was supposed to be named Flower, after the skunk in Bambi.

7. Samantha's ears are 9 inches long, while her legs are only 5 inches tall.

8. Thrawn rings bells to go out in the yard. If you ignore him he increases the power he smacks them with until they eventually fly off the handle.

We tag all the pups out there that haven't been yet!!

1- Each person tagged starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.2- The person tagged blogs about each of these facts and posts the rules.3- At the end of the blog entry, list eight people to get tagged.4- Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog.

***Wally tagged us for our celebrity look-alikes but Mom is still working on it! She's sloooow.***


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I wanna see a vid of Thrawn ringing the bell. Hee

~ Girl girl

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey guys,
I thought the fact about Sam was really farnie...until i realised that shucks...I have short legs too (compared to my ears of course). :(

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I want a bell, that sounds so cool. Go for it Thrawn.


Maggie said...

We're still laughing about Thrawn ringing the bells and no one has the decency to listen to him! Poor Thrawn!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

oh we ring bells too. We do te same thing. If the humans won't listen we just ring harder and harder until they fall off the door.

Tadpole said...

Oh, number 6 is just sad.... maybe he just found out that was supposed to be his fate and is peeing on the floor to express his displeasure.

Ruby Bleu said...

Hmmm...ringing the bell to go out. That's interesting. Maybe I need to have my mom go shopping to get one...that way she won't miss all my 'signals'.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh, I love the one of Thrawn ringing the bell. You know, my mom's best friend has a Basset, and she nas never thought to measure Hunters ears and legs! interesting fact there :)

Lorenza said...

Hi, guys.
I also want to see pictures of Thrawn ringing the bell, that sure is funny.
Underwear? Sounds interesting!
Have a nice day

wally said...

You forgot:

Samantha is the most perfect creature ever (other than Wally).


Billy said...

Great facts thank you for's nice to know more about everyone:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Balboa said...

I love to chew on stinky socks myself, clean ones aren't fun or tasty.

My daddy's farts are awful, I bet he'd fit right in.

Frenchie Kisses,

Holly said...

Some very interesting facts. Thank goodness Thrawn wasn't stuck with the name Flower. Now THAT would be embarrassing!