Friday, February 2, 2007


Hello? Are you there? Well, my name is Tucker. Sometimes my friends call me Tucker-Doodle or just Doodle. Kinda embarrassing but even Doodle-Bug sometimes. Anyway, I answer to them all and I wouldn't normally admit it but I like it when Mom calls me Doodle-Bug and smooshes me face all up for kisses. Uh. Anyway.

I'm about 8 now and have been living with Mom since I was about 8 weeks old. I was found by a rescue group, Humane Society of Lewisville and was very sick. Mom was actually just going to Petsmart that day to get some stuff for Dakota when she saw me. I was in a playpen out front of the store and I had a baggie hanging from the outside of the pen with all my medicine in it. I had all kinds of respitory problems and was feeling pretty puny. I didn't feel like getting up and socializing with anyone so I guess nobody was interested in adopting me. Mom gave me lots of kisses but left me there to go home. I guess she must have realized how great I really was because she was back pretty fast and scooped me up, I was the last dog waiting for a home that day. The rest is history as they say. Here are a couple pictures of me on the day Mom found me. That's my brother Dakota next to me, he was pretty big compared to me back then.

So here I've been ever since. Dot, Thrawn & Sam joined the pack over the next few years and we've had a lot of foster dogs come and go. I like other dogs unless they're outside my house or fence and then they're trouble to be dealt with. I'm a superb squirrel hunter but since I'm pretty humane I always let them escape.

I love to swim with Dakota or even in the kiddy pool although I can't show my full Olympic swimming skills in there. I'm pretty healthy although one time I got Salmonella poisoning from something I ate and was pretty sick for a week or so. My favorite things in the world are my babies, I try to keep one with me at all times. It's not that I'm a wimp, but they make me feel safe and happy. I'll beat anyone up that tries to take them away. I will. Seriously. Fireworks, thunderstorms and even heavy rain sometimes scare me, I like it when Mom gives me the happy pills during storms so I'm not scared anymore. Plus they make me see rainbow colored bones floating around in the sky. Pretty coooool.

I guess you would say that I'm in touch with my sensitive side. I'm not sure what happened before Mom adopted me but a lot of things make me nervous - like anything shaped like a stick. Mom has to hide when she wraps presents because that gift wrap roll can be some pretty scary stuff. If anyone gets mad or is yelling in the house I get pretty stressed out too. Don't get me wrong though, I can still be tough. Ferocious. Scary with a capital S. Oh, and I don't like being left alone in the dark but that doesn't make me any less macho.

OK, I'm going to get Thrawn up out of bed. He's really lazy. I hear it's from the meds but I just don't know. He always acts all superior and important because he's special needs. Hhhmmmppph. Aren't we ALL special needs in some way? Anyway, his highness will be in here soon. Or whenever he feels like it. God knows Mom won't make him do anything he doesn't want to, no way, not the poor baby Husky. Gag me with a rawhide. Anyway, I'll catch up later.

Peace, Love and Bones - Tucker


Suki & Joey said...

Tucker, you are just the cutest! I LOVE mutts so much-sometimes I feel really guilty for buying Suki from a breeder, but don't tell her, ok? I have adopted my two cats and my other dog, Twix (he's a lab/chesapeake bay retriever mix). I hope I can add another dog to our family someday, and it will hopefully be as cute as you! :)

Ricky Pepper said...

Tucker, I am glad your mommy found you and took you home to live with her and your brothers and sisters. I sure do love my sisters and they are super nice to me even though I chew on their ears. My mommy says that I will probably stop doing that when I get a little older-whatever that means! I'm sorry that you were sick but I am glad you are feeling better!

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