Friday, February 2, 2007


Ok, here I am. I've graced you all with my appearance and insight into life here in the White House so I suggest you listen. I don't like to be bothered so you'll only hear from me again when I feel like it. I have a very busy schedule of sleeping and eating and don't like to be disturbed. It's bad enough my peeps get me up at 6 am and 6 pm to take that awful tasting medicine they try to hide in a marshmallow. As if. Do they think I'm like the slow-witted Basset Hound and will fall for that kind of elementary ploy?

The name is Thrawn and I was named after Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars. Grand is a pretty good description of me because, quite frankly, I am. Mom wanted to name me Flower, after the skunk in Bambi. I would have been cool with that, I don't have a problem with my masculinity. Besides, sometimes I hear the humans muttering about my gas so I suppose it would fit.

Dakota is harping on me to tell how I ended up here so to shut him up here goes. I will not answer any questions past what I'm telling you here so don't ask me. My story begins at the dumpster of a car wash where my Mom found me one Saturday morning. I was browsing for some food and I guess I looked a bit on the thin side because she started chasing me all over the empty lot next door. I was SO not interested in her but she left and came back with a sack full of these heavenly things called, oh, the name escapes me. OH yes, Egg McMuffins. I was LURED, tricked, SEDUCED even into that car I tell you with these delightful morsels. I didn't need help, I wouldn't have let her get near me if it weren't for that damn Ronald McDonald.

Sure enough, as soon as the car door closed I was whisked away to the vet where they poked and prodded me for ages. Like a cheap tabloid he told Mom all my secrets - I was literally starving at only 35 pounds and had cigarette burn marks all over my paws and body. She cried a lot and that's when I figured out that if she felt sorry for me maybe I could have all the Egg McMuffins I could eat and that was the start of our very special relationship. Here's me on the day I was found...

About six months after coming home I had my first seizure and I think almost scared Mom to death. I was eating a bone at the time so she freaked out since she didn't know what was happening and tried to stick her hand down my throat to get it out. Unfortunately I bit her hand pretty good but technically it's not my fault since I didn't know what I was doing. More poking and prodding and now I'm on a stringent medical plan of 4 Phenobarbital pills a day and quarterly bloodwork. I still have seizures every few months or so but it's ok. I sure do get a lot of extra attention because of it so I deal.

Anyway, enough about that. As Tucker so jealously put it, I have special needs so I do get a few perks around here. He can be as snarky as he wants about it but if he had to go to the vet every three months he'd be a nervous wreck. I get to stay in kitchen/mystery room when the folks aren't home in case I have a seizure. The others here like to try to beat me up while I have a seizure, like vultures after the sick King of the Jungle. It makes me pretty angry but then they get in a lot of trouble which I find amusing.

I'm not into swimming like Tucker and Dakota, I prefer to lie around on the cool floor or the leather couch and relax. I don't do babies or toys either - how pedestrian. Bones are my one vice, I will do anything for a nice softened up bone to chew. Well, bones or anything left within reach on the counter. I've gotten in a bit of trouble in the past with this but I'm always forgiven because I'm Thrawn. Here are a couple pictures from the archives involving the candy drawer I figured out how to open, a red ink pen and five pounds of flour. I'll leave you now until I have something further to say.

Peace, Love and Bones (what a stupid saying) - Thrawn


Anonymous said...

that is the cutest dog!!

Roy Pardee said...

Too cute! Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thrawn - Ok, I thought the first picture was impressive... your glory in the air, and your body all twisted up against the wall... THEN, I got to the RED PEN picture. That is AMAZING and very impressive! I enjoyed reading your story, and good thing your mom found you! You both are very lucky!
Hugs, Sitka

IndyPindy said...

Hi Thrawn,
Your story is very touching. Good for your mom for rescuing you and taking such good care of you!

My mom wants to put together a slideshow of how destructive Huskies can be, and what kind of mischief they can get into. She has some other photos. Would you mind if she used the photos of you when you got into the flour and the red inkpen? she would put your name on the photos, and the city you live in, if you want.

I hope you are feeling better!

Amici said...

I am sorry you have seizure too. It sucks doesn't it? Amici doesn't care for his medication either but he does eat them okay when wrapped up in food (e.g. treat or cheese). Alan, his human dad, can give it to him just by putting his hand out but his human mom isn't that talented.

On another note it is reassuring to learn that we're not alone and that you still love your husky with special needs just as much as we do.

What a great person to save such a lovable pup. It is a heartwarming pup lifestory and I am sure Thrawn will always be appreciative.

PS. I think Thrawn's markings on his face look very similar to Amici's. It is incredible!

Anonymous said...

The picture with the red ink reminds me of when I decided to chew up a BLUE pen that my sister, Gracie (a silly kitten), was playing with. I'm a German Shepherd and, since I'm MUCH bigger than Gracie, I took the pen and ate it. My big brother, Segun (pronounced like "Cajun," but with an "S"), who is also a German Shepherd, said he wanted nothing to do with it since he's a "Mama's Boy!" Mom was mad, but she called me "Smurfette" since I had blue paws and a blue tongue. Good thing Dad was deployed to Kuwait at the time . . . Mom said he wouldn't have been happy with the blue ink footprints I left all over the carpet! (Mom got them out, though)

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hiya Thrawn, Always keep your humans on their toes so there is never a dull moment, I always say! AND, it pays to look cute or do the cutesy stuff cuz you gets lots of attention & treats. Gotta question for ya - how do you put up with all of your other siblings? Mommy & daddy are picking up a puppy tomorrow to be my brother & grow up as my buddy. Do I hafta share my favrit toys & treats wif him? Ohhh, there goes peace & quiet fur a while, woo hoo! -Cosmos-

Anonymous said...

We feel honored to know about you. It's a good thing for you that there are a lot more nicer peeps than bad peeps that are mean to dogs. We know that you gave back as much love as you received, if not more. It can be alittle tougher to be a special needs guy but that just makes it all the better. We're glad that you were with this gooney group of a Brat Pack. We know how much you're missed but hey, no more seizures, lots of playing and WALLY MELON whenever you want it. Sounds like Heaven to us. Say Hi to Dakota and Durango and the Big backward DOG. - TBH

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