Friday, February 2, 2007


Hello again, remember me from the welcome post? I'm here to start our formal introductions so here goes.

My name is Dakota, I'm not sure why I have this name exactly except it took Mom like three days to decide. It was between this and Montana - eventually we had a foster dog that we named that so I guess her naming needs were finally fulfilled. Either way, I like it. I think it fits me - kinda outdoorsy and rugged in a sensitive kinda way.

I was adopted when I was about 6 months old from a great place called Operation Kindness. I had been found running along the highway (I shudder to think of it now) and they took me in to the rescue there. I don't remember much before that thank goodness. It doesn't sound like too good of a life. My Mom wasn't planning on coming home with anyone when she came to visit the shelter. She brought some donations and was just visiting. Between you and me, I have this cool little thing that sealed the deal. When you pet me I'll lean back on my butt and put my weight against your legs while looking doefully into your face. Works every time - treats, love, whatever I want I get. So when she took me out of my cage to give me some pity love I made my move. An hour later I was loaded up in the Durango and heading home. He he. People are so easy.

I'm a little fuzzy (ha, get it) on my heritage. For some reason my cage card at the shelter said Greyhound Mix - it must have been my svelte figure that fooled them. I think some of my ancestors were Shepherds and Rottweilers. I'm a pretty cool mix of some kick-butt breeds. I'm a bad ass. Samantha the Basset Hound whines when I'm blocking the doorway because I'm so tough she's afraid to step over me. I don't do anything but I give her the look and that's enough. Yea, Baby. B-A-D-A-S-S.

I'm about 9 years old now and still looking good. I found out this past year I have a heart condition where my main valve is having a hard time opening and closing. So the good Doc has me on pills in the morning and at bedtime. I don't mind so much because they are delivered in marshmallows and I just dig marshmallows. My favorite things are riding in the Woody and swimming. I love to swim and eat the water, it's a good time. (until I puke)

I like to think I'm the Alpha sometimes here at the White House. I used to always be the Alpha, but now I usually only am when Dot says it's ok. What's up with that, when she came here she was all sweet and docile - now she's a domineering taskmaster. Either way, I am head of security and take my position seriously. I can detect sounds from way far away and have a vicious bark, it's feared everywhere. I am currently planning an ambush for the giant armadillo that has been camping out in the backyard under the shrubs. He has no idea who he is messing with here.

Anyway, I hear I have to share some earlier pics from the family album so here goes. Digital wasn't all the rage back then yet so these are modified, kinda blurry but my good looks still come through. These are some of my first holidays - I was an only kid back then and thank God Tucker came soon so he could be dressed up instead.

So that's me in a nutshell. I'll send Tucker in here to do his post. Be nice to him, he's pretty sensitive.

Peace, Love and Bones - Dakota


Anonymous said...

It was great to read dakota's introduction. We're sorry that he's gone but we know that his spirit is still with The Brat Pack. Dakota was lucky to be in the Brat Pack, actually to found it. We're positive that all you guys and your peeps were just as lucky to have Dakota with you. We bet that he doesn't have any heart problems now and he can run and jump and do all those things like a prime pup; maybe he even has Wally Melon EVERY NIGHT. - TBH

Unknown said...

Hi me again. I'm just loving your blog and had to write when I read about Dakota. I just lost my love Noah who looked SO MUCH like your Dakota, he was my first dangerous rescue, took him from the backyard of the people next door to my parents house. They had already let 3 other dogs die and I wasn't letting it happen to a 4th! I had him for 16 years, I was very blessed but MISS him terribly as I'm sure you miss Dakota! Again loving your blog

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