Friday, August 12, 2011

Frozen Blueberry Bombs!

It's Samantha.  You probably don't remember me because I'm always forgotten.  Here I am in case you don't:

OK, I don't really know if they are BOMBS but that's what we decided to call them because the flavor EXPLODES in your mouth!  It's true.  We almost fell over in shock when Mom actually made them though since we've been waiting an e-turn-i-tee.

It's a good thing our fruitables come from the freezer and not the ground because they'd be all moldy and maggot-y by now.  Bear says that some dog's Mom actually grows their fruitables, but our Mom says that's an old wives tale and everything comes in a frozen bag.

First we piled up everything to make them...and picked our fruit fresh from the freezer.
Here's what ya need if you wanna make...a tub of yogurt, we like vanilla around here.  A bag of, uh, fresh blueberries and some honey.  Ours is heavenly since it came from the church, but you can use naughty honey if you want.  It probably tastes the same.

Throw it all in a bowl and mix and mix and mix.  We just throw a bunch of honey in there without measuring because that's how we roll.  All of the yogurt and berries go in though.
Next you plop them in these ice cube holder things that go in the freezer...if I were making them they'd be all nice and neat but she's kind of messy and impatient.
Now they're cooking in the freezer so we haven't been able to chow down yet.  Soon though.  While we're waiting we got to lick the bowl and the flat mixer thingy, it was so good. I'm only showing you Bear and I because the other three always have their pictures everywhere because they're camera ho's.

I'll try to post a BOMB review but you know I hardly can fight my way to the computer these days.  Everydog else is always on it.

xoxo - Samantha


Peppy Sheppys said...

NOM BOMBS! We will be over in a few. How long will it take to get from Deli Where to Tex Us?

Sheps w/Pep, Otis & Edgrr

Peanut said...

Our fruitables come from the freezer also. I wonder if I could get mom to make those? Probably not she's lazier then your mom

Ruby Bleu said...

Those look super yummy...I'll see if I can convince Mom to make...we have little hear molds we could use.

Lots of Licks, Ruby and her little annoying brother Speeeedy

Gus said...

Those look really good. Around here the Dad would eat them all up. He likes stuff like that. We might get a taste. Maybe the muzzer will make some for us before she (sob) abandons us.


Shane Kent Louis said...

It looks very delicious and yummy! please give me your dish Woof! :)

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