Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trooper (an honorary Brat), Jennifer & the Dumb Friends League

Retro Pic with Trooper

Hi Pals

We try not to post here often looking for donations, but we think this is a great cause and it's close to our hearts.  Some of you might remember Trooper, one of our foster dogs from waaaay back.  Here's his story...

Through the years we've posted some updates on his great life with his dad, Jim.  He lives where there is lots of snow, he's really lucky. He also gets to hike a lot, he's like a total athlete while we're more like couch dogs.

Anyways...Jim has always been a rockin' Dad to Trooper and we love him sooo much for taking a chance on him.  Now Trooper's life is even better because he has a Mom, too. (Big congrats on the wedding!)  Jennifer loves Trooper as much as Jim and is a pawsome Mom, we'd trade ours in if we could.  Trooper and Jennifer are walking in the Dumb Friends League 2011 Furry Scurry to raise money for homeless pets.  The Dumb Friends League does HUGE good work for the animals, we definitely need more organizations like them around!

So we're asking our pals to help support them, even a $5 donation helps and it's tax deductible.  We don't know what that means, but Mom says it's a good thing.  
If you can help out please visit this link...

We know not everyone can donate so we're asking if you could do something just as important and share this with anyone who might be interested.  Thank you!!

Love to all our friends!

The Brats (& Maryann)

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Asta said...

Hello sweet Bwat Pack!!!!
That is a lovely stowy and I will go visit and help them a little
I love happy endings. I hope all of you awe having a gweat sunday
smoochie kisses