Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's Roooolon-Mooch and you're not gonna believe what I'm saying.  Mom took me to training the other night and I was all like OOOOH I'm gonna learn to be like James Bond 007, just call me DOUBLE-O-MOOCH.  I had my Ninja skills all ready and then we got in the car with my cuzn Lehttie and I was all, what, wow, that's weird since she's a BABY and all.  Then I thought maybe she was coming to watch because I'm like her hero and everything.

So then we get to this parking lot and there were all these other dogs.  When we got closer I saw that these weren't just other dogs, but mostly PUPPIES.  I was totally stoked, like all these whippersnappers came to watch me be 00Mooch and I was the coolest dog EVAH!  I jumped out of the Tahoe and was all like, stay back till after the show and I'll give pawtographs then.

Next thing I knew the special agent trainer was talking and all the people had their dogs lined up next to these platforms.  Do you see where this is going??  That's right.  I was IN the class with all these PUPPIES and we were learning the SAME THINGS!  It was totally humiliating and I couldn't believe my Mom would do this to me.  I barely even fit on the wooden platform because it was made for BABIES not big tough Pit Bullies like ME.

I don't know why I have to be in the loser puppy class, I already know tons and tons of stuff and Mom said it's because I need to FOCUS more but if I FOCUSED anymore I'd faint.  Now I have to go to this class for SIX WEEKS before I can move to the adult class and the really stinky thing is the adult class is right after the puppy one.  So for the last like 10 minutes of trying to fit on that itty bitty platform the big dogs were all there watching and I know they were LAUGHING at me.  I'm so embarrassed.

Nana even came to watch and she was all kissing on me after the class and telling me how proud she was of me and all those big dogs were watching.  I think she even pinched my cheeks.  Poor me.


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh's really OK. Just think of it as you being the big dawg on campus, the leader of the puppy pack, the king of the hill. All those puppies are looking up to you and you need to set a good example for them. In fact, they probably don't want you in the adult class because you'd show them up!

Chin up, handsome pup!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Gus said...

Aw...poor baby/

your mom loves you. That's why she is making you do this. Write that 50 times and think about it.


Peanut said...

OMG how awful. How can your mom do that to you? Putting you in there with all the babies?

The Thundering Herd said...

We are pretty sure we would all be in the remedial program, so no worries.

wally said...


It is so obvious to me that you were not there to take the class you were there to TEACH IT. You keep teaching those puppies the art of the mooch!

wally t.

Gail said...

I am so proud of you, even with the embarrasement, you did well.

wally said...

RUUUUUUUUULON! My ape saw a lil' 6 month old pittie that reminded her of you and she carried him around like a baby cuz he loved it. GROSS! And she wants to bring him home. She's such a sucker!

wally t.

Daisy Dog said...

Its ok Rulon!!! Us pitties need to stick together. We thinks its cool to go to puppy class!!

Brownie said...

awww rulon.... i'm so sorry to hear you were embarrassed... sounds like there was a misunderstanding and you were supposed to teach the class but someone forgot and you ended up taking it instead!

Life With Dogs said...

This sounds a lot like my high school career. :)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

It's all good. I'm in training again too. At least I'm in the adult class, but trust me, we aren't learning any ninja moves.