Friday, March 20, 2009

Rueban is da BOMB!

Woohooooo, way to go THE MOM aka Phyllis!!

Rueban is who we were talking about, you can check him out on his very own video!


Q: How many visitors each year does Best Friend see from all over the world?

What's the prize? A pair of these great bags...
(Don't forget, they could be magic...human training not included)


Shannon said...

Ohhh Ohhhh (best Horshack impression...ok, showing my age)

Shannon said...

Hi Guys,
I'm at work so I can't really guess but I'm going to check out the website afterwork and see what I can do to help them out.

Enjoy the party!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


wally said...

Oh my dog now my ma ape is cooing over all the dogs when I'm RIGHT HERE to be oohed and aaaahed over. Yeesh. I'm stoked about that mug because it can hold COFFEE and boy does that lady get grumpy without her beans.

wally t.

Lacy said...

27, 450 volinteers....


Anonymous said...


Kita's cool mom