Friday, March 20, 2009

Our first winner!

Congrats to WALLY!!!

The correct answer is about $5.85 for each one donated. If your human has an old phone or pager collecting dust get them to send it in! Here's the info...


Roooolon here!! Are you guyz READY?! This is gonna take some sleuthin' and isn't so easy like Dot-Spot's question!

Q: There's a sweet guy for adoption who lives at The Lodges, he looks kinda tough but is really a softy inside. How can you find him? He likes to stop and smell the flowers. Who is he?

(Remember, all answers can be found at

What's the prize?!

(YEA baby, that's what I'm talking about! No silly books for my prizes!)

Remember, if you don't answer correctly I get to keep him!!! -R


The MOM said...


Anonymous said...


He's one of my sponsor dogs!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Rueben but I will forfeit if I win since I don't have a dog. LOL
Matt who needs.a life on friday night

wally said...

Great, thanks. Now my ma ape is going through and looking at all the dogs and oohing an aaaahing! She's so easy.

wally t.

One of the pack said...

Good job Wally. We're hanging out when Mom lets us. Wouldn't miss my boy, Rulon. He never comes to see me anymore, though.

Best Friends is the Best.

Spart Tart

The Bumpass Hounds said...


Asta said...

Hi Evewyn!
It's sucha gweat pawty..I've been spending most of my time getting to know the sanctuawy and meeting the doggies thewe..I still don't know the answew, but I'm so vewy happy I came and could get to leawn so much..I'm going to be saving up all my moneys and sponsowing someone..I wish we could adopt ...but that' can't happen wight now!

I'm lifting a glass in youw honow
smoochie kisses

Lacy said...

w00f's didnt read it, but me say Peanut...heehee will take me a yr to check them all out...

b safe,