Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A walk is supposed to be FUN!

It was so nice out this morning - cold and crisp, just like I like it! We all threw a fit to go for a walk and were pretty excited to see the leashes come out. That's when things went wrong, terribly wrong. In case these pictures look familiar, our friend Steve is going through the same pain...we can't prove it but we think his Mom confirmed to our Mom that these torture devices really work.
For the record, I'm not licking Dot's butt but sticking my tongue out at Mom for this.

Dot was, as you can probably tell, LESS than pleased at this turn of events.Mom said to tell you these Halti-mean-horrible things worked great and that her arms aren't sore after our walk today. To show how mad I was I pretended I was a bucking bronco and threw myself all over the ground in the park. Dot just looked beaten down but I think she was still drugged from the fireworks last night.

Oh and in case you're wondering, NO, Tucker and Samantha didn't have to wear them. Woe is me.... -Bear


Izzie said...

Oh you poor souls! I have to say though, that with the dark shadow thing above dot's right eye, it kinda look like she's wearing a hat, kinda like a Godfather mobster would! (or a Godmother, in her case!).

PerfectTosca said...

Happy New Year to all you Happy Hounds!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh Bear, I am SO sorry if my mom did indeed tell your mom that those terrible things do work. Did you get lots of treats along the walk? That was the only good thing about my walk. Everytime I started to try to paw off the stupid thing, Mom would say, "LEAVE IT!" and when I did, she gave me a treat.


Cubby said...

Dakota and I wear Gentle Leaders, and while it is difficult, if it means more walks, that's a good thing. You'll get used to it. I did after I refused to poop for a week!

Maggie & Mitch said...

I wore the gentle leader for more years than I can tell you and I hated it and mom loved it! Mom is using the pinch collar on Mitch and it seems to be working! Talk about torture devices! YIKES!
If you want walkies, you have to put up with it. Sorry, guys! I do feel for you! At the ripe old age of 9 1/2 - I can say that I now wear a pretty pink harness and I LOVE it!

Love ya lots,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wooo Bear (and Dot)... I am sorry you two have to get haltis. I have a gentle leader. I did not like it at first, but mom makes it fun to put it on so I enjoy it now. she tells me that we are going to put on my "nose" and I go crazy then sit on the sofa and wait for her to put it on. It will get better, I promise.


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh no...that is terrible. I bet you didn't have any fun at all. NOT a good way to start the new year.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Oh you poor poor things. I walk pretty well so I don't have one of those but mom thinks it might be good for Flash.

Kirby said...

Oh, I don't like those things. Some dogs in my neighborhood have them, and I'm not a fan. I wear the easy walk front hook harness, which makes our walkies much easier for mom. I hope your Mom takes pitty on you and loses the torture devices. He he!

Your pal,

Kapp pack said...

I feel your pain...on occasion I have had to wear one of those too!

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

4xBs said...

oh kids, suck it up. i Bailey have to wear a gentle leader and it's not that bad. it makes me walk like a perfect gentleman and then more people like me and mom likes me and then it's okay. we might even get one for Brody too, 'cuz he walks like an idiot and no one likes an idiot on a leash. comeon guys, just do this for your mom. her arms need a break - no not that kind of break! hee hee


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bear!
I don't know about those torture devices but sure they don't look fun!
At least your mom is happy with them!
Kisses and hugs

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Bear,
My dogness..are you and Dot going to start some new fashion statement?

Sophie Brador said...

Bear, I feel your pain dude. When my sister Sydney was still around, I had to wear a halti. It was nasty! Now, it's just me and for some reason, I don't pull when it's just me.


Louka said...

I had to wear one of those for a little bit, but not any more. I don't pull enough to annoy mommy anymore. And I gave her the martyr look every time she tried to put it on. You can try that, maybe...

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Bear,
Oh noo... who came up with those torture devices? I think you should chew it to shreds when no one is looking..

Ferndoggle said...

Penny & Lola have to wear that headgear too. I'm perfect and just wear a harness! Dot should be the poster child for Halti. She even makes headgear look good!


Mack said...

Oh you poor hounds.
Do you get all bitey faced like me when you go for a walk? You all look so gentle and sweet-natured.

wally said...

Dudes. My sissy Morgan wore a Halti so she wouldn't decapitate herself pulling. Sissy Ethel used to have to wear a shoulder harness. Me, I'm perfect. Except for that time I pulled out of my collar and nearly collared a cat.


ps. Do you guys all go for a walk at the same time? That would be a wonder to behold.

The Daily Echo said...

Oh my dog! This seems to be giving Mom ideas! This is not good.

Dakota said...

Oh dear. Bear, you've got to hide those horrible things. I can Bear-ly stand to see you being tortured like this!

Jan said...

Oh, do we empathize! Samaritan and I had to wear those things. He ate his. I should have done the same but I'm a one-thing-at-a-time dog. And my aim on our walks is to sniff out every scent and exercise Jan at the fastest speed possible. Luckily, I'm strong enough to do it.

jans funny farm

Johann The Dog said...

Oh no, not the haltie thingie! I bucked so much I almost threw up with one of those. So Mum got me a regular halter, whew!!!

So sorry you two have to put up with that, but your Mum's arms are important - she your secretary for dog's sake!

Happy New Year!!!!

Woofs, Johann