Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here we are!!

It's Bear - we're sorry we've been gone so long! Mom says we have a sucky internet company called Time Warner and we haven't had service in like three days. We're lucky we're still alive, she's forgotten how to do anything without the web. Seriously, she can't even find a phone number. How can we be International Dogs o' Bloggin' without internet?!?!?

Anyway, lots has been going on here - but the most important is that Sam and I found out we're serious wrestling competitors. I never gave her much thought cuz she's squatty, but come to find out that chick has some muscles. We haven't been caught on video yet, that might have to be Pay-Per-View. Here's some action shots....don't worry, no doggies were hurt in the making of these pictures. (except Sam squeals like a pig when I pin her)

If any of you are taking notes, the ear's a soft spot. Use it.

We interrupt this Smackdown for a gratuitous shot of yours truly for Miss. Brador.Now back to the action...

Credit goes to Tucker-Doodle for refereeing...Thrawn just thought we were stupid.

By the way, I won. -Bear


The Husky in the Window said...

Oh my gosh. Such action over there. I wanna come play with you'all. Missy only plays for 5 minutes and then she stops. She and Thrawn can just lay there. I wanna play!

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Stoodleville said...

Oh Bear! You look so happy and beautiful. We really would have taken you in a heartbeat but are very happy you are in your forever home!

Kirby said...


That looks like some fun wrasslin you and Samantha are having. How nice of Tucker to officiate for you! Hope you are still having tons of fun!!

Your pal,

Gus said...

OK, that is today's story. Tomorrow we expect that Sam will post a different version and win hands down.

At least that is the way me n Teka play this game.

kissies to all


Luckie Girl said...

Gosh, I had to use my paws to close my eyes when I saw that pikture of you pinning her to the ground. LOL!!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Of course you won. It's easy to tell you were top dog in that round.

Tucker looks a very serious referee. Obviously no fouls allowed, so you must have won fair and square.


Lisa said...

I'm relieved y'all are alive and well! I'm waiting to hear the rest of the story from Samantha.

wally said...

Oh I heartily disagree. *I* win for getting to see those delicious shots of Sa-man-tha! Good fun! And never underestimate the short ones. We have a low center of gravity which makes it harder to tip us AND we can get ya from below.


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Isn't wresslin'the funnest. Glad you won.

Four Pugz

The Daily Echo said...

Wow! That was some match! Never underestimate the lowriders!

Holly said...

Looks like fun! Glad no pup was hurt in the taking of photo's!! Can't wait for the video!


Amici said...

I like to wrestle too! Kana taught me to go for the legs..I"ll have to try that ear thing though. We love that pic of Sam by herself. Too funny!

Sophie Brador said...

Bear, You wrestle just like me! I just knew we were meant for each other. Can't you just imagine how fabulous our life together could be? We could travel the world, wrestling bassetts for money. We'd be like the pool sharks of dogville.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Great wrestling. I always go for the tail, but maybe I should try the ear!


Hana said...

Oh Samantha! I LOVE that picture of you! It cracks me up!

Peanut said...

Bear I wish I could wrestle with you. I bet we would have lots of fun