Saturday, August 18, 2007

We feel bad.

Hi Everydog & GG, it's Tucker. Mom and all of us are feeling kind of guilty about something so thought I'd share. Ever since we've moved in there has been a black & white cat (like an Oreo) that has hung around in the driveway and next door. Mom just figured he lived over there and was an outside cat. He's pretty skittish of people but has let her love on him a couple times.

The other night when she was out front she was talking to the next door neighbor and mentioned his cat. He told her it wasn't his cat, but that he used to live in our house! The lady that lived here before us was his "Mom" (yea whatever) and he was an inside only cat. He might be declawed even, Mom didn't notice. (not to mention being fixed so there aren't kittens running around!) He said she decided to move suddenly and just left the cat behind - outside. So I guess he's hanging around here because in his head he thinks it's his house still and is probably wondering what he did wrong to be kicked out!

We feel pretty guilty living the good life in here and he's having to live on the streets. We told Mom we'd try really hard to get along if she tried to catch him. We haven't seen him in a couple of days though. Maybe tomorrow when we're working in the yard. Poor Oreo.

We're all really lucky to have real parents who protect us. Love, Tucker


Maggie said...

awwwwwwwwwww Oreo's mommy was not nice! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr How can she sleep at night knowing that her baby is out there fending for himself?! I hope he comes back to visit you guys soon.

Love ya lots,

Balboa & Mommy said...

that's horrible, how can humans be so cruel, we just don't get it. That poor little creature wondering where his family is? That just makes me sick.

I hope you guys can take him in or find someone who will love him and never leave him.

Please keep us updated.

Balboa and MOmmy

Amici said...

Oh, that is so sad about Oreo. My Mom went house hunting the other day (brother in law is trying to sell condo and buy a house) and there was a kitty trying to get into one of the houses they saw. They didn't see any cat box or cat food (nor a note saying that a cat lived there) so they had to leave the cat outside too. It is sad when humans don't seem to take good care of their animals.

We hope Oreo is safe. We're glad you checked in on the cat.

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Tucker...It's not your fault! or your Mom's!!! How would you have known that??? I think it's really nice that you are thinking about adopting Oreo into the Pack!!!

Keep us posted!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

BamBam & Eski said...

how can she leave the cat behind?! tat is so irresponsible!!!
poor Oreo... erm, is there any chance you'll take him in?
*looks at u with puppy eyes*

Peanut said...

Oh poor Oreo how could anyone just leave a poor animal (even a cat) to fend for themselves.

wally said...

Poor Oreo! Even I wouldn't wish that on a goddamn cat. How could someone do that? Sigh. Maybe if you guys can't keep him someone nice will adopt him?


ps. Your mom is supernice. Seriously, she should win a Nobel Pet Prize.

Lisa said...

I hate hearing this and I can't tell you how often I have working with the shelter. Sweet, loving animals just ditched by their irresponsible, evil guardians. I hope Oreo reappears soon and lets you capture him so he can go back HOME!

Gus said...

We're with the rest of the group, and hope that you guys can help Oreo, even if (s)he decides she doesn't want to live with you.

Poppy said...

Oh that is so terrible! Poor poor kitty! That happened to my parents once. When they moved into their last apartment there was a cat hanging around trying to get inside. They caught her and took her to a shelter. We hope she got adopted!


Sophie Brador said...

That is so sad! It happens here all the time. I'm sure it does everywhere. Some people are complete idiots and jerks when it comes to animals. I hope Oreo trusts all of you guys enough to get close. Who wouldn't want to live with your mom! If my mom leaves me at the kennel one more time, I'm thinking about moving in with you guys too.

Sophie Brador said...

Tell Al that he and his wascally wabbits are welcome over here any time.

Mud Monster & DWB said...

We argree with the restof the pack too. Poor Oreo.... hopefully he/she will come home and be able to stay with you guys. Good luck on cat catching and please keep us posted.

Quincy & Tristin

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Poor Oreo. What happens to him must be awful! I hope you can do something for him!
Have a nice day

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That would be really nice of you to rescue the cat. I wonder if it's cute? I do have my girlfriend Tia in Georgia, but I can use one here in Texas as well.


Mojo said...

It's so heartbreaking. How can people care so little? I hope Oreo turns up again to get another chance at some decent care from decent people.


Cubby said...

Oh no! Poor little Oreo! I hope you find her!

Avery said...

Poor Oreo!! My kitty sisters and I were very sad when we read his story. I hope you can find him soon and that he's okay!

Lady Kaos said...

How sad! Stories like that make me mad! It almost makes me want to go hug my cat brother. Maybe I'll go tackle him instead.

rpm said...

Oh, that is so sad. I don't understand some humans. I hope Oreo comes around and you all can keep him happy there.