Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good thing they're keeping it "QUIET"


I mean, they wouldn't want to alert all the flipping pet parents who bought this stuff right?!?!? God forbid they make themselves look bad. I'm SO sick of irresponsible, don't give a crap companies. I'm making serious changes to my shopping habits, I don't care if it does cost me more. -M


Shannon said...

Wow! Can't believe the sneakiness and underhandedness of that story. Shocking. Scary!!! How many people are feeding their animals the food that isn't being sold anymore. How can the people who make those decisions look at themselves in the mirror?

Hope Thrawn seizures are better and his head has recovered from Dot's love bit.


Tadpole said...

Poop on that store. Seriousy, they're jerks.

(I have unresolved bitterness towards them in general, so I'm slightly biased.)

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow... the secrets that these companies try to keep...


Balboa & Mommy said...

how unbelievable devious and evil.
Its just so scary that companies can do this and have done this in the past.

I agree with you about chaning the shopping habits. THat's why I refuse to buy any store bought treats.


wally said...

Poop on Wal-Fart! I highly recommend people food. I always offer to taste my ma ape's first.


Lady Kaos said...

Mom saw that article this morning, too. She was not happy at all. If they're going to make it impossible for the registers to ring it up, then shouldn't they let people know not to even try to buy them?! grrrrrrrr

DoGGa said...

They seem to keep things like this 'quiet' as it a pet thing and like that's OK? Grrr

Kapp pack said...

We don't buy any food or treats there since we had food from there that had ants in it once!!!!!

-Kelsey Ann