Sunday, July 22, 2007

FYI - Natural Balance Food Recall

Just passing the word along...
Natural Balance was informed at 2:45 pm Pacific time by our USDA manufacturer, Castleberry Foods, in Augusta, GA, that they are doing a voluntary recall on all 15 oz. edible foods for humans as well as our Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs (Irish Stew, Hobo Chili, Chinese Take-Out and Southern Style Dumplin's with Gravy).

This voluntary recall is from one reported case of botulism in Castleberry's human edible Hot Dog Chili Sauce. Botulism is generally due to an improperly sealed can or a can that has become damaged, thus letting air inside. Natural Balance checks all of its cans for any kind of leakage, puffiness or damage before they are shipped, and we have found none.

However, to comply with our manufacturer, we are asking that you discontinue use and return Eatables for Dogs to your store for a full refund. We will give you more information as we get it.


mare said...

We had one can of Chinese Take-Out left - thanks!!

Maggie said...

Shoot! Just when we thought the water was safe..............Here we go again!
Thanks for the update guys!

Love ya lots,