Monday, June 25, 2007

Wanted to share...

Saw this on the Legacy Boxer Rescue site and thought our pals might like to watch. -M


Gus said...

Awww Shit: We just got muzzer away from the baby Newfs that Nanook has posted and came here. Now muzzer wants a Newfie and a Boxer. Fat chance muzzer. You can't handle two of us terrier-ists!

Aunt Jan said...

Wow, what a sweet video with a very deep message. I wasn't to sure about watching it because it makes me sad to see so many homeless and hurt dogs out there...but the message was a good one-thanks for sharing and I hope others will take the time to watch...looks like Boxers are special and deserve a wonderful home like you all have.
Hey, Bear-I wanted to come spend the night with you but was too busy helping your Aunt Sandi with the beach party stuff, but your MOM promised to bring you to see me very soon.
Love you all!

Ferndoggle said...

Oh Jeez...I totally know better than to watch this kind of stuff at work. I only got through about 15 seconds before my make-up was ruined. I'll watch the rest when I'm at home & can cry like a baby.

Thanks a LOT!!


Cubby said...

Thanks for posting the video! You're awesome!

sharon said...

Thank you so much for sharing this message for LBR. The boxers here need help!