Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can you believe it?

She left us overnight AGAIN!!! Here's what happened, the other night a really nice lady named Danielle came to visit us. We didn't know why, but we love meeting new people so it was cool. All of a sudden yesterday Mom left us and a few hours later Danielle showed up - ALONE! OK, ok, it was fun hanging out with her and she even slept with us which we reeeeally like. We're just in shock that after leaving us for a week Mom was so quick to just forget about us again for a whole night.

Our Aunt Sandi had a big beach party, but we're not sure how since we don't live by the ocean. They spent the night over there, something about Rum and not wanting to worry about getting home. I don't see why we couldn't go with her, all of our family was there plus like 90 other people that I'm sure would have loved us. It's only like 10 minutes away so we wouldn't have had to fly there. I think it's discrimination because why else couldn't we go?! There was food - LOTS of food and :::gasp::: swimming. Tucker can't even talk about this he's so upset they swam without him. Mom keeps saying she promises to take him swimming this week but until we see it happen it's just a pipe dream. Here's some of our family. Bear doesn't know Aunt Jan was so close and didn't get to see her, he'd be crying for sure.

(Aunt Jan, Nana our Grandmother, Nanu our GREAT Grandmother, Aunt Sandi and Mom looking scary)

Now that I think about it, maybe this was some strange kind of party cuz why does our 91 year old Grandma have on a bikini?! Maybe it wasn't dog safe party after all. Anyway, we hope Danielle gets to stay with us again and hopefully we didn't scare her off. If you're reading this thanks for taking care of us!!!

I think I'm going to go look at the food pics again...Samantha


Gus said...

Hi Y'all...Human parties can be wierd! Man, I blogged about some of the ones we had in VA last year.

However, the food is usually worth it.

And don't worry about granny...Anyone that old who can get by with a bikini should flaunt it on the 'net

Luckie Girl said...

Oh my dog..your granny in a bikini...she's one hot babe!! :) I love looking at family pikctures...I don't think the gathering was oh well, Danielle seems nice.

Huskee Boy said...

HAHAHAH.. I did a double-take when I saw your Great Grandmother's 'bikini'!!! Looks like the ladies had a fun time!

Peanut said...

Looks like your great grandma got a little wild during that party. It is probably better that you didn't go.

Holly said...

That's pretty funny your great grandma has on that bikini! She's a pretty good sport I see!

I also want to thank you so much, for nominating me for the DWB June photo of the month!! I feel very honored! You guys are great!

Thanks again!


wally said...

Samantha--I hope she brought you more than pictures of food!


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Sam...
First your Mom doesn't look scarey. But the nerve of her leaving all of you!!! Thank dogness for Danielle. Glad you had fun with her!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Mistress thinks all those women are good-looking - and look similar - they have strong positive faces.

She doesn't do parties so she doesn't leave me for long. Only if she goes to the shops with master.

And they always come back.

I think your mom comes back too.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Sam.
Your great grandma sure looks cool! My mom wants a t-shirt like hers.
I think that was a wild party. Better you were at home!!
Have a nice day

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Sam... I am so sorry that you all did not get to go to this party with your mom. I know it is not fair, but sometimes our parents have to have grown-up times without us kids!!! It is sad when that happens, though

Bella said...

what an amazing group of people - so impressed with your great grandma's efforts to enjoy !!

Ferndoggle said...

What a great looking bunch of gals...especially Granny!! I think my future Mother-in-law looks very pretty!!

Dot - I hope Danielle snuck you some secret snacks!!


Lee :) said...

Awww, sorry your Mom had to leave ya, but family time is much needed. Your pic is awfully nice and I did a double take when I saw your great gram in a bikini!! Phew, you had me there. :P

Lady Kaos said...

When I saw the picture I decided it was probably better you guys weren't there. If Rum makes old ladies wear weird things, it's probably not safe for dogs to be near.