Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Shelter Donation & Let's Take ACTION!

We were happy to join Fei and Eve's pledge this month and have decided to donate to the Humane Society of Dallas shelter - Dog & Kitty City. They have been serving the area's animals for over 30 years now and have unfortunately been having some serious financial issues. Here's a short article about the troubles here..

Hopefully the community will step up and help out to keep the doors open and the animals safe. Oh, and they have a blog!

Huge thanks to Fei & Eve for starting this and for all the other DWB's that donated!

In other news, we love Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and everything they do. Mom visited there several years ago and wants to go back to volunteer for a week. We were on their site earlier and saw something super important and wanted to pass it on.

"Best Friends Animal Society has launched a campaign called "It's Not Cool To Be Cruel." With the campaign Best Friends hopes to convince major league sports figures to crack down on dog fighting among professional athletes."

Here's the link to the story & petition:

Thanks!! Thrawn, Tucker, Dot, Sam & Bear


Sophie Brador said...

Hey gang! I haven't seen their challenge, but I am so going to take it up. Montreal has a terrible rental system where leases run from July 1 to July 1, so Canada Day in Montreal is called moving day and thousands of people move. Hundreds of them abandon their pets in their old apartments or on the street. It's disgusting. Sophie usually walks for the SPCA every year, but this year we are donating to the private shelters that do so much work to save so many dogs and cats with very little funding. Woo hoo!

Balboa said...

That's horrible Sophie, that makes me and mommy just sick.

And this dog fighting is so cruel. I really wish all these evil humans would have the same things done to them as they do to poor helpless animals.

Thank dogness for wonderful shelters, rescues, volunteers, and donators.

Frenchie Snorts

PiratesGrrl said...

Ugh, Sophie. That's just horrible and we had no idea.