Monday, June 18, 2007


It's Dot-Spot, boy oh boy have I missed everyone!! It's like we've been grounded from the laptop for WEEKS!!! Let's see, what have we been up to??? Mom finally came home, but we love Colton soooo much, we hope he comes back. I only wish I didn't have to share his attention with the other Brats.

Sam and I are still on diets and I think we're looking pretty good. Here's a pic of us on the couch with Mom - this is proof that since we can both fit on there we've lost plenty of weight and are positively svelte. Much more and we'll be like doggie Kate Moss lookalikes. Stop the insanity already!!! (uh, Mom is coloring her hair soon so pay no attention)

While I'm on the diet (ick) subject, Mom ordered me some funky bowl called the Brake-Fast for me. For SOME reason she's concerned cause I can finish my food in like half the time it takes my brothers for double the food. Whatever, that just makes me a winner!! Well, apparently not in this house cause now I have to eat out of some remedial bowl. Does anyone out there have one? Is there a secret to breaking the code?? Should I just dump it over??? I was reading the website and it says it's supposed to slide around too - what the heck??? That sounds like it's bordering on abuse to me. Maybe I'll just chew it up and that will fix that.

I'm sure Sam will post soon, but she's feeling mucho better. She hasn't puked in ages (thank Dog cause it's gross) and her eyes aren't yellow anymore. I'm glad of that, it kinda gave me the creeps. We're hopin' that Bear gets the OK to play again tomorrow at Dr. Bill's so we can all make a trip to the park together. We're tired of being cooped up plus it's rained for ages already! It finally starts to dry out for a couple days then it rains more - what's a dog to do?!

Hope all my doggie friends are doing good! Talk to ya again soon, Dottie


Dachsies Rule said...

Oh no! Sammy wishes you hadn't shown Mom that bowl. He INHALES his food. Mom puts the bowl down and before she can turn around, he is finished. If that bowl slows you down, she says she is going to get one for him. Poor Sammy, he doesn't deserve that kind of abuse any more than you do.

Roxie, (worried) Sammy & Andy

Lisa said...

I vote for tipping it over. :)

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Dot!!
Good to know your diet's going well. I don't think you're going to let the bowl stop you from getting to your food right? :P

Maggie said...

Dottie, if you eat slower, the food tastes better and lasts longer! I think your mom is smart!

Love ya lots,

Toby said...

I vote for using that bowl as a chew toy!!


Peanut said...

Hey Dot Flash here. My mom keeps talking about getting me that bowl but hasn't bought it yet. Obviously thank goodness after reading your description I don't want it at all. I vote for chewing it up.

Ferndoggle said...

Dot, you look so happy that your Mom is home! And your beautiful new svelte form is making my heart flutter!

I eat my food very slowly (I like to savor every bite) but Lola needs one of those bowls. She's a shark!


Tadpole said...

Good grief - what is it with humans and their insistance that we eat S-L-O-W-L-Y?!?! I'm pretty sure that food will disappear if it is not gone in 1.5 seconds from when the plate is placed in front of us....

Balboa said...

man, your mommy should have to eat out of that bowl too, the nerve to make only YOU eat like that!

Food supposed to be eaten really really really fast, so yu can get more!!!!!

Frenchie Snorts

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Dot.. that sure is an interesting bowl. I would try to chew on those things in the middle of it!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dot.
I am so glad that Sam is doing well. I hope she goes on like that.
That is a funny bowl. I like to eat pretty fast too! I don't understand why my mom is always telling me to do it slowly. They think they know better than us!
Have a nice day

wally said...

Who are those Supermodels on the couch!!!?!??!! You guys look skinny. Glad you're not barfing anymore Samantha and I would love you, yellow eyes or no. But I prefer 'em like they are now.

Great. Now my ma ape is getting ideas with that bowl. She says I am the World's Worst Gulper. I don't remember that competition. It must have not lasted very long.


Lady Kaos said...

That is the weirdest bowl I've ever seen. I think you should definately dump your food out and then chew it up. That'll teach her for buying you such a non-fun thing.