Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Brat Pack's 411

It's Maryann again. I haven't taken over the blog, I promise. Lots of pups are asking in the comments about all our different "issues" so figured this would be easier. ;) Especially since we're an issue-rich bunch lately.

Let me start by saying that I'm SUPPOSED to be going to Disney World on Tuesday. Now, no matter when I plan a trip things start happening with the dogs prior that completely stress me out and therefore make me call home 117 times a day to check in. It's only a miracle that Thrawn hasn't started a bout of seizures which is his habit once the suitcases come out. (knock on wood) I'm hoping that the fact that I never completely unpacked my suitcase from the last trip has made him jaded and hardened to it. In other words I don't think he realizes a trip is pending yet and maybe thinks the suitcase is now a piece of furniture.

* Tucker's face is looking good, well as good as you can look with staples in your head. He's earned the nickname Franken-Doodle in the meantime. He is scheduled Monday to have them removed as long as all is ok. He's still on antibiotics and pain meds and he doesn't seem to mind them much. They're quite fascinating to the other dogs though, thankfully all are still intact. I still have no idea what happened and the more I ponder it the more I think it was some wild animal. I can't find anything else inside or out.

* Dot is STILL fighting ear infections, she's on antibiotics, ear drops, ear cleaners, steroids, you name it. She was taken off ALL food last week except for a prescription Rabbit & Potato diet. No treats, nada. As you can imagine this didn't make the food-scrounger happy at all. She decided to boycott so now she's getting a mix of the dry and canned, her food costs more than mine at this point. Besides allergy issues the other BIG reason this is happening is because she HAS TO LOSE WEIGHT. We're talking 20 pounds according to Dr. Bill so this is the first step. She goes back on Monday with Tucker to have her ears rechecked and her weigh in. I'd weigh her here, but, well, she REALLY needs to go on a diet and I can't lift her at this point. Hopefully Monday will be a good ear report.

* Bear is recovering nicely from his heartworm treatment. He's scheduled back for the remainder on June 14th and then will hopefully be cleared for a normal life a couple weeks after that. He's tired of being cooped up and not being able to run around. Dr. Bill said he could play in the house, just not anywhere that he could take off running so that helps some. He's just as sweet as can be and loves to be loved on. He reeeeally wants to play with Thrawn though, I do believe he'll be quite the handful once he's 100%. Now that his other creepy-crawlies are taken care of as well he's maybe put on a little weight and he's definitely got his appetite back. He does, however, think he's a Yorkie and has some personal space issues.

* Thrawn had his tests ran today since he has been having a lot of accidents lately and sure enough he has a bladder infection. He's on some antibiotics that cost more than feeding a small country so I'm assuming he should be much better very soon. He also had his monthly Adequan injection today - I can not stress how much this medication has helped him. I would highly recommend it to anypup out there with arthritis/joint issues. (It helped Dakota a ton too) He has made a complete turnaround since the month after Dakota passed away and I'm really happy with his progress.

* Sam...see post below. Other than that she is weighing in at a whopping 65.5 pounds, when I asked him if she thought she was too heavy he poked the roll above her tail and said she shouldn't have that. ;) She's already on a reduced diet but her new prescription food should help the cause as well.

That's it in a nutshell. If Sam is not feeling better then I don't know what to do about next week. Our friend Colton is staying with them, he has stayed before one night and he really enjoys the dogs. Since they can't be alone at night it's hard to find someone who will stay overnight plus the hours they need during the day for their med schedules. (and someone I can fully trust) Now with the new food there are three different menus for each feeding, four of the five are on multiple medicine doses a day, Bear has to be monitored and it's just overwhelming - then add Sam being sick on top and the constant chance Thrawn will have seizures. (Um, if Colton is reading this I hope you're not running for the hills) They're high maintenance and I'm high anxiety so it's not a good combo sometimes. Plus I'm a control freak about their care. Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments and well wishes, I really appreciate the support. The Bone Zone has been great too for getting input and advice. (and shopping tips) :)

Take care and I'm handing the blog back over to the furry ones. -Maryann


Jasmine said...

hey M, i can see that it's a handful but you've been always giving them the care and attention they need.

am sure they'd be very appreciative and for tat, get well really soon.

you take care of yourself too!

Kerrio said...

Blimey girl.. your lot are worse than ours, we've only a hypothyroid food intolerant wolfie and and epi deerhound to cope with.

My hat's off to you!

Hope everyone (and especially Sam)gets better soon.

Kerrio & co

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hope you do get away - methinks a break might be good and you sure deserve one (except that you will be worrying about the dogs of course....)


Luckie the Dachie said...

That's really a handful of issues to deal with. As always,hang in there and get a good break away from home. :)
Luckie's Mom

Maggie said...

You do have your hands full! The furs are all so lucky that you're in charge! Bless you!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Oh my mom says if she was close she would come stay with them for you. Hopefully you get to disneyworld and don't worry to much.

tad's girl said...

Bless you, Maryann.

Things will settle down a little at some point. :-)

FleasGang said...

I don't know how you do it. We can hardly keep track if we gave Shelly her allergy medicine in the morning or not. Not sure if we could handle 4 dogs with for different meds and menus.

I say turn it over to Colton and have a nice time in Disney. You really do deserve it.

The FleasGang

IndyPindy said...

Oh no! Poor Tucker! I'm glad that he didn't get in a fight with one of the other Brats, they all seem too sweet to do that to each other.

Poor Dot, and poor Sam! Lots of prayers for you and for them that everything works out!

Glad that Thrawn is doing so much better!


Ferndoggle said...

So anytime I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my crew, I'm gonna come back to this post!

Geez, girl. God bless you! Those are 5 lucky pups.

I'm with Fleasgang...try to go & have a great time. Sounds like you really need a vacation!


Ferndoggle said...

Please tell my true love Dot-Spot, I hope her ears are feeling all better soon. If I were there, I'd lick them & make them not so itchy.

And although I like my gals with some meat on their bones, I'll be supportive & only eat boiled chicken breast, rice & green beans. We'll diet together!