Friday, February 2, 2007


Hello Stranger! I'm Samantha aka Sam. I guess I'm last posting my story on here. I'm always last - I think it's because I'm short and at a disadvantage. I'm a very adorable Basset Hound from the South. Like a true Southener I do nothing fast and I'm ok with that. I'm about 5 years old now and I like to consider myself something of an expert in the art of napping. I spend most of my days perfecting the art and have been known to refuse to get out of bed in the morning.

I came to live in the White House through an odd and twisty series of events. Let's just say that the lady who adopted me was not very nice and was pretty neglectful. She was going to sell me to someone for a couple hundred dollars (the horror of having a price on your head!) when Dad came and picked me up. Since I had not lead a very nice life before that and hadn't been taught much I was somewhat of a problem child until I moved in with the rest of the Brat Pack. I figured out if you do what they do you get lots of attention, treats and love and I've lived happily ever after since then.

I'm not much interested in exercise but I have been known to pick up the pace when there was a tasty surprise at the finish line. I must be faster than I think because sometimes I hear the humans calling me "Flash" with this funny smirk on their face. Must be my lightning speed when I really turn it on. I'll play with toys sometimes but my favorite thing besides sleeping is some good old fashioned throw down wrestling with Dot. She thinks she's so tough but I can take her if I'm in the mood. She's my best friend and we spend lots of time together.

I'm pretty healthy and don't have to visit the vet too much. I guess the main complaint I hear from the humans is that sometimes I might have an odd smell about me. (not counting my gas issues) Apparently my gullet area around my neck sometimes doesn't have the best smell in the world. Like the humans always smell like roses - HA, I think not. I'm short, I can smell their feet and let me tell you that it's not heavenly down here. I love them anyway and am always happy to pretend I'm a blanket and sleep on top of them.

Oh my gosh, I was about to sign off of here and I forgot to mention I have Super-Dog powers!!! That's right, you read it correctly. Come to find out if I want something all I have to do is let loose with this sound that has been described as "unbelievable" and compared to having a nail shoved into your eye. Whenever I do it things happen that I want - it's like being able to move the humans by just looking at them. You could say I'm like a Jedi. Even if they're asleep my Super-Dog powers work and sure enough they wake right up and do my bidding. I should be on Animal Planet. Maybe an AP scout will find this blog and want to interview me. I better have Mom take some more Glamour Shots of me for my media kit.

Until then I have a bed to warm and a Dalmatian to wrestle. I'll talk to you soon or if I hit the big time I'll have my peeps post for me. Chow!

Peace, Love and Bones - Super Samantha


-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Sam, Nice to meet wu. I like to sleep & nap, too. When I want some peace I go into my crate & curl-up for a few zzzzz's. Mommy gets worried when she can't find me & then discovers I am in my crate. She won't let me sleep on her bed (it's the husky fur issue) so I sleep on the floor near her side of the bed. 'Till next time, Cosmos

lowdogs said...

Hi Samantha! We think you're pretty and want to hear more about you on your blog....Happy New Year 2009!