Friday, February 2, 2007


Hiya! I'm Dot. Well, I came with the name Dottie but sometimes I'm called Dot, Dot-Dot or Dot-Spot. I come to anything because I LOOOOVE attention. I should get it all! I don't know why I have to share with the others because I'm the cutest and best dog ever!

I'm about 6 years old. When I was a little over one my Mom was working with the Farmers Branch Animal Control helping them rehome dogs that were coming in. One of the guys called her one afternoon and said a man had just came in with an unbelievably cute (I'm sure he said that) Dalmatian and her nine puppies that were only a few days old. That was me! He dumped me at the pound with my little ones and I was SO scared. Mom came right after the phone call and loaded us all up and took us back to the office with her. I spent the next several weeks taking care of my puppies until they were old enough to find homes. Mom named them after the reindeer since ther were nine of them and it was the holidays. All of them found new homes and Mom looked and looked for me a home too. For some reason she couldn't understand nobody wanted to adopt me. I think it was because we were meant to be together and that's what happened. Here's a pic of my puppies...

So once Mom finally figured out we were meant to be together forever I moved in and decided to whip the other dogs into shape. Well, not so much Thrawn because if anyone bullies him we get in trouble. (spoiled brat) I pretty much run this place now. If I want attention I just shove my way in front of the others. I guess that sounds bad, but I AM the most important one here.

I'm pretty healthy, although I have broken my tail once and had a VERY scary experience with Rimadyl when the vet thought I was going to die. :( I spent a whole week in the doggie ICU but eventually recovered 100% back to my perky self.

In my free time I like to snuggle mostly with Mom. I like running like a crazy dog with toys and rolling on my back while I squeak them. It really makes me adorable to the humans and that means more attention for me! I'm a serious squirrel hunter and can stalk my prey for hours in the backyard. I'm looking forward to Spring for prime hunting season.

With the Tyra Banks weight issue going on in the media I might as well address my own weight battles before it blows up all over the internet. Yes, I'm not as thin as I used to be but I'm PROUD of my body. These few extra pounds help me push the others out of the way easier and faster plus it's just flat out more to love. Who could complain about that?

I'll go shove Samantha out of bed. I swear, that's the laziest dog I've ever laid eyes on. Talk soon, I have lots to say!

Peace, Love and Bones - Dot-Spot


Tayler Phyllis' daughter said...

You have the cutest dogs!!(how do you get them to stay in their dress-up clothes long enough to take a pic??)

PiratesGrrl said...

Hey Tayler!!

Bribery, plain and simple. They'll do about anything for a marshmallow!!!

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Woo Woo Dot, my mommy & me say that you look just fine! -Cosmos-