Monday, August 18, 2008

The 4-1-1 on Rulon

I'm hijacking the blog today to post my write up on Rulon I sent out a couple of days ago. I'm hoping one of our faithful friends will fall in love so I can stay updated daily on his life.
Seriously, he's a perfect angel....he's in no way enough trouble to live here. ;)

Rulon is about a year old, possibly a bit younger in my opinion and is approximately 45 pounds. He is a pure joy to spend time with and to be honest I have spent the past week trying to find "flaws" but I'm coming up empty handed. He is very loving and needs to be with someone who will spend time with him, you can tell he craves attention and will follow you from room to room throughout the house. He is crate trained and will happily go into his crate with a treat and behaves well while in there. He has also been left unsupervised in the laundry/kitchen and has not had any issues.

He will allow me to take his food away while he's eating and also to remove a treat from his mouth without a problem. He's a "gulper" and would probably benefit from a divided bowl to slow down his eating. I haven't found a treat that he didn't like and he's particularly partial to Goldfish and/or Peanut Butter in his Kong. He is not possessive or territorial at all. He has not had an accident in the house even though he's certainly had the opportunity; he will promptly go once he's let outside. I have also brushed his teeth without incident.

This boy LOVES to play…he's a fan of plush toys and any toys with long pieces he can sling all around. He'll play by himself with a toy, flipping it and catching it over and over. He has been around my "pack" and has done wonderfully well with all from 100 pounds to 13. He adores playing with the big dogs and has been very gentle around the small who quickly let him know she was not interested in puppy games. He had no reaction when she snapped at him, he just ran away. He will chase you all around the backyard and the house like it's the best thing in the world. He has only mouthed my hand in play a couple times gently and promptly will let go when he's told to. He has a lot of energy and I think he would love to have a person to jog or hike with. He's not "dainty" and will splash through a puddle with the best of them. I am going to try the kiddie pool this weekend to see if he has any interest, he'll walk through and splash in my stream out back. He has fallen in love with the Pack (which I now feel very guilty splitting him from them) and I think would do great with a sibling or two. (or five)

He enjoys playing hide & seek with toys and playing with toys that hold treats he needs to "solve". He's very smart and I think he would excel in obedience and agility classes. He knows "sit" and is working on some other basic commands; he's a fast learner and seems so eager to please. He does pretty well on a leash but could use a little more practice, we sat in the front yard the other night where he observed walkers, bikers, other dogs and squirrels around him and did not react except to watch with interest. I have only heard him bark a couple times during play time with the other dogs and again when someone rang the doorbell.

He has been spending his nights in the laundry area but I get up a few hours before work to sleep with him in the spare room so he has more interaction time. He likes to sneak on the end of the bed to sleep in a ball and when he sees I'm awake will crawl his way up to give kisses. He's so loving and sweet, he just seems happy to have someone love him back. Anyone who welcomes him into their family will be richly rewarded with very special angel.

If you have any questions about him, would like to see more pictures (I've taken a ton, he's so photogenic!) or need more info please contact me anytime.

fivehappyhounds at gmail dot com


Molly the Airedale said...

He's such a handsome boy! We hope he gets his forever home soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Ms. Maryann,
We hope that you find a furever home for Rulon because then you'll have the room to save another dog from the green needle. Keep the word out and hopefully you'll find the perfect love guardian for Rulon. You and Rulon are BOTH lucky that you saved him from "D" day. We love you and your family for doing that; we also love the Brat Pack.

Peanut said...

We are hoping he finds a wonderful home soon.

Sophie Brador said...

He is such a sweetie pie. We're crossing fingers and paws for Rulon and hoping he finds a great home. I sure wish I knew people in your area. He is a darling.


River said...

Crossing our paws for Rulon! He is sooo pretty and looks like he'd make a great companion. Very funny picture with the green dinosaur.

love & wags,

Lindsay said...

OMDog, Maryann, the more I hear about Rulon, the more he sounds like the dog I have been waiting for to add to our pack! (Dannan is not so enthusiastic about adding *anybody* to our pack, though!) I wish I wasn't on the other side of the continent from you! I hope that Rulon finds a home where you can get regular updates, so that you can pass them along to us, too!

The Girl (Linds)
of Dannan and The Girl

Anonymous said...

Ohmydog - I couldn't even let my girl finish reading this or she would have gotten in her car and drove down there and stolen him away! I wouldn't have minded, but we are not allowed 3 dogs here.... :-( I sure hope he finds someone who has a TON of love to give him - he deserves it!

Biggie-Z said...

Rulon, you are so cute and I would love to have a little brother to play with! Unfortunately, I think my peeps have their hands full with me.