Friday, April 15, 2011

Dot Update - Fri AM

Sorry this is short and thanks everyone for checking in this morning.  Not a good day so far, she started having diarrhea in the middle of the night which is a huge problem w/ kidney issues.  Ate a tiny bit, but won't touch anything else...drinking a ton of water.  Per Becky gave her Immodium, will try to get more down her then add her Pepcid.  If she really starts to go downhill or the diarrhea continues will start her fluids early and text the emergency vet contact to come here.  :-(

In the meantime I think Rulon is feeling neglected and is acting out.  Besides chewing the door jamb last night he has also chewed through the line to the router and ruined my flip flops.


Lacy said...

Hope she didnt do to much yesterday...yeah, i suppose the other pups would get jelly..hang in there, we love u..


Bren said...

Oh, darn I thought she was improving... fingers and paws crossed for you all x

Gus said...

So sorry to hear about the setback. Hope things are improving by now. Keeping appendages properly aligned for Dot-Spot and you.

gussie n teka

roughseasinthemed said...

Sorry to read this one, read the other posts and thought things were looking up. Hope it's a temporary set-back, as temporary as these things are I guess.

K and Pippa

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

*hugs to you*

-Dr. Liz and family

Asta said...

I just read on FB
our hearts are beyond sad..and praying that yours unfair

I know dot is free from all the wordly pain, but yours is so present
We are holding you tight in our hearts hug your other kids and let the pain out
love and Asta's smoochie kisses
Ami and George