Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yack-Fest 2010

It's me, MOOCH!  Again! Twice in two days, can you believe it!?!?!?  I just wanted to say in honor of OTIS - I DIDN'T DO IT!  Now Dot says I have to let her blog or she'll sit her fat butt on me and smoosh me to a PANCAKE!

Sigh, it's me, Dot-Spot.  We've had a long 12 hours here at the Brat House and it's all because of YOU KNOW WHO.  Picture it, about 11:30 last night, Mom gets in the tub (I don't know why anyone would WANT to take a bath) and is all "Calgon, Take Me Away!" and relaxing all the rest of us were just hanging being good.  She gets out, crawls into bed and here comes RULON bursting into the room like Santa on Christmas carrying Mom's bag of trail mix.  It's been torn open and LOTS was missing.

Since Mom was having a date with Mr. Bubbles, dip-dong-pittie took the bag off the counter and ripped it open and ate TONS.  It had raisins and chocolate and some other weirdo nuts on the DO NOT EAT list so Mom FREAKS out. 
Now, how we live in a home without the one magic ingredient to make us puke is beyond me.  I mean, hasn't she ever heard of a first-aid kit????  So Mom throws the Pittie in the Mini (ha, rhymes) and speeds (really) over to Aunt Sandi's house, who meets them in the driveway, shoves like a gallon of peroxide down his throat and he spews everywhere.  Then she started thinking, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....   Do you see where this is going???

Next thing we knew we were lined up on the back porch (by now it's like 12:30 am) and being literally gagged with that nasty peroxide stuff.  She said since she didn't know who all helped Mooch eat the trail mix that we ALL had to yack.  It was horrible!!!  All of us starting puking everywhere on the back porch and in the yard, then she ran from one pile to another in the rain with a flashlight to check it for contraband trail mix and to scoop before somedog ate it.  (Yech, I don't do that)  Don't forget Ginger-Snap is staying with us too so that made SEVEN yacking dogs all at once.  Good thing the neighbors weren't outside or the Haz-Mat teams would have shown up, especially cuz Bear and Sam make sounds like a dying walrus when they heave.

Finally we were sent to bed, but when Mom woke up this morning there were like 7 more piles of yack to clean up around the house.  Serves her right for making us pay for Rulon being bad!!!

Dot-Spot OUT

PS.  Mom says I have a gut of steel, it took two doses of that nasty stuff to make me even look like I might blow chunks.


Peanut said...

Mom has to give me about 3 doses and then wait an hour before I yack so you are doing good Dot. I bet Rulon ate the stuff all by himself. I wouldn't have shared. :)

Peppy Sheppys said...

Barfapalooza! Pawesome! Guess what--I PLAYED, TOO! This a.m. I ate breakfast, laid down for a nap, and BRAAAAAP. So I had a second breakfast--RE-MIX! It's like we're psychically connected.

Otis T. Potus

PS. Our ape keeps gallons of that stuff around in case of emergency, especially after the skunky incident. HP + dish soap = less stank.

PPS. One time Wally had to get the HP treatment at the vet's office and he took THREE DOSES and still refused to puke! Whoa. He would barf when he was darn good and ready thankyouverymuch.

Lacy said...

w00fs, hmm, u pups sure had a interesting nite...now was it worth sneakin the trailmixz???

b safe,

Peppy Sheppys said...


Ruby Bleu said...

ewwww gross...like double triple quadruple gross...what a way to show Ginger-Snap a good time. Hope you all feel better!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

The Thundering Herd said...

Sounds like a party or two I remember from fraternity days. Just saying.

Fred said...

Bummer! Glad you're all OK!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Awesome. You guys have so much fun. I mean the trail mix part, not the puking.