Sunday, June 20, 2010

WHAT is this???

It was dark in the room so we snuck the Blackberry and snapped THIS!

Is he SNUGGLING with Bear's BUTT?????

What a total WEIRDO!!!
Dot-Spot (the only normal one here)

Edited to Add...

This sweet senior guy was dumped at the Carrollton (Tx) shelter by his owner.  I'm sure he's wondering what he did wrong to end up there.  :(  D-Day is 6-23 so not a lot of time left.  If anyone is interested or could take him into their rescue I'll gladly help however I can.


Tiffany said...

People suck...seriously. That poor guy. He looks so sweet. :( I'm also in D/FW so I'll ask pass the word on.

-Blogless Dogs' Mom

Southbaygirl said...

Butt snuggling...he he...!!

I hope someone can rescue that sweet senior guy!!