Saturday, April 3, 2010

DFW Humane Society

Hey pals!

We have a couple announcements.  First off, let's just make sure we're all clear that NODOG is coming home with our Ape.  No way, not going to happen....NO.

The new shelter right by our Mom's office is now open, we posted pics of the grand opening last week.  Pawsomely cool, let me tell ya.  Today she went to training to learn how to be a better dog mom.  Oh wait, that's not right, that's next week.  Ha ha ha ha.  Seriously, she went to volunteer training.

We have allowed this in the name of WALLY TAMALE.  He motivated us by allowing his ape to go to the SPCA and report back in on his blog.  SOOOOO...just for Wally we're following his big paw prints and letting the shelter dogs INVADE our blog.

So, with no further ado, I present you with today's selection of OTHER dogs who rubbed and kissed all over our Mother.  (Surely we should get an award for this....)

Oh wait, before you look we have something else to say.  Our ape USED to be really great at taking rescue pictures and for some reason she lost this talent.  Now she's like an 8 year old with their first camera and I can't tell you how many butt shots we had to delete already.  So please excuse the poor photography, it will be better next time, we're sure of it.  Oh, and she'll do better on names next time too, she was an all around slacker today.  We can't even guarantee if most are boys or girls.  Sheesh.

If any of these guys float your boat, you can find out all the 4-1-1 on them at

So in honor of Wally and the Peppy Sheps, here is a miniature version if they were cosmically fused all together.  This little guy had a ton of energy and was so excited to be on the leash almost wiggled right out of his cage.

This is Cowboy....that's right.  COWBOY.  He doesn't look much like a Cowboy to me but I'm going with it.  He was all quiet and meek in his cage but then was a wild dog looking for love once he was free to run around.  Seriously sweet and like all over trying to be a lap dog.

This is THE ONE.  You know THE ONE, right???  THE ONE is the dog that if your pawrents didn't already have YOU then she'd be coming home for sure.  This is SUGAR BEAR and she immediately used her giant head to push her way into Mom's heart.  I know, I know, thank dog she's already got all of us, right???

A few random shots of some other pawsome guys that were there...she probably doesn't remember names because she was all googly eyed over THE ONE.  The quality of these shots are, well, bad.  She'll have to do better next time.

This is BEAR.  Not like our BEAR exactly, but giant like him.  Super duper sweet and very hairy, he was seriously looking for love.  We can't believe Bear is still there after even a day.  Surely some smart human is going to come in and be all "I can't live without Bear".  Right??

This guy looked pretty worried, he's there with his other Great Pyr friend.  His family lost their house to foreclosure and these guys need a new family.  Soooo pretty, hopefully the right family will show up soon to take them home together.

This guys ears ROCK!  Rulon-Mooch is like totally jealous.

It's Mini-Sam that they saw last week at the grand opening!!  She sat in Mom's lap and hugged her for a long time.  She's seriously like a quarter the size of Tubby, it's crazy.  She's got a howl just as loud though.

This little girl was sooo sweet.  All she wanted was love but she was stuck in a run with that cute psycho puppy below...doesn't that crazy look remind you of our cuzn Lehttie?!?!?

So that's it....we smelled CATS on her too, but there was no evidence on the camera.  She better not be spending this loaned-out time with CATS or there is going to be TROUBLE.

Phew, this is a long post, we hope none of you fall over in shock since we've been such blog slackers lately.

Gotta go eat and take a nap now....


Gus said...

Oh Guys..we lurv the wally/sheppy morph! We think their ma ape will be in Dallas soonest for that sweetie.

We can't even let muzzer go to PetSmart or Hollywood Feed on weekends when they have adoptables there. She is a sucker for sure, for sure.

kisses to all of you generous (and cornswaggled) dogs.

Let us know when "the one" arrives on your doorstep.

gussie n teka

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


That WallyPeppySheppy Khanine is like too real to believe!

Paws khrossed all these sweeties find homes NOT with woo!


Gail said...

Fine looking bunch of canines. I hope they have success in finding a new home.

River said...

The PeppyWAllysheppie mix is amazing. We like all the other doggies too and agree that Sugar Bear is the most beautemous. Just like our friend Daisy the pink pitbull.

love & wags,

Peppy Sheppys said...


I am telling you this because I care about you but you have to be VERY CAREFUL because things will FOLLOW YOUR APE HOME! Especially the ones with BIG HEADS. Our ma apes are clearly big hussies who need someone to look out for them.

But I will trade you BOTH of my brudders for the Wallysheppy!!

Ethel Jean, Sheppy Queen

Sophie Brador said...

We know a dog named Cowboy and knew another named Cow Poke. That last one was a Greyhound.
I think it is nice that your mom goes slobbering her business all over those other dogs. I wish mine would. Then maybe she'd leave me alone.


Special Smoochies to Bear

jodda said...

the one... love.
and I bet Rulon would love the name of the one earstandingup guys' stylist.