Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're having a fundraiser!

Since our Mom is insisting she do this Cancer hike without us, we figured we might as well chip-in and do our part.  Soooo, we're having a Tag fundraiser and here's the scoop in case you're interested!

Tags are $12 and include personalization & shipping.  $5 of each order will be donated to our Mom's Team in Training fund.

You can check out all the tags & colors here:


If you decide to order a tag just email our secretary at maryann@fivehappyhounds.com.

She'll need this info to order:

Tag Code (3 digit code by each design)
Size: Small, Medium, Large (see sizes on link above)
Color (see options available on the link above)

Your choice of engraving option:

1.  Pet's name & one phone number (recommended for small tags)
2.  Pet's name & two phone numbers (recommended for small tags)
3.  Pet's name & three phone numbers (NOT recommended for small tags)
4.  Pet's name, address & one phone number (NOT recommended for small tags)

Information you want on the tag per your choice above.

Pawrents Name so it can ship to them:

Last but not least you can send your $12 to Paypal at fivehappyhounds@gmail.com or mail us a check. 

If you know of anyone else who might be interested please pass this along....it's important we're all wearing tags!

Tucker, Dot, Samantha, Bear, Millie & Rulon-Mooch  (and our Mom)

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