Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sending good vibes...

Goodbye sweet will be dearly missed. :(
Sending healing vibes to your family, we love you guys.

Our pal Graham is not doing well, please join us in sending good vibes to him and his family.
We love ya...


ra_husky said...


RA & Isis

Sophie Brador said...

Thank you so much Brats. We love that picture of the boy with his honking pig. I'm very sad to tell you that we lost him today, but he went peacefully and is no longer in pain.

SB and her mom

Daisy Dog said...


wally said...

Poor Graham. I'm so happy he was rescued, though, and had the best few months a dog could ask for.

We got a box in the mail today and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! Thank you so much guys! My onkel Eric is trying to steal my red sock monkey but I said PAWS OFF! I showed him a picture of Sam and he agreed that she is one hot mama! And my ma ape is lovin' her bags that will be excellent for carrying meats from the store and her cup that I could stuff w/bacon. That's what it is for, right?

wally t.