Wednesday, September 16, 2009

National Canine Cancer Foundation

In case you haven't heard we're the new spokedogs of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Cool beans, huh? Our Mom works for us as the Chapter Coordinator and we're trying to get some great volunteers on board to help out. We didn't realize it but Canine Cancer affects ONE out of every THREE of us. That scares the poop out of us and so we want to help find the cure. We also have a lot of doggie friends who have had Cancer and we're doing it in their honor.

We'll be hosting fun raffles and participating at events around the DFW Metroplex starting next weekend so if you want to volunteer with us or help with fundraising just let us know. You don't have to live here to help out, we have lots of "virtual" volunteer things to do too.

If you live around here and want to come out to some events we're participating in, here's the schedule for the next couple months...hope to see you there!

Trophy Club Pet Fest
Saturday, September 26th

Mansfield Pet Mania
Saturday, October 10th

Richardson City Wide Pet Day
Saturday, November 7th

Highland Park Village
Saturday, November 14th

Holiday on the Hall, Lewisville
Saturday, December 5th


Gus said...

Congratulations guys...even though you are all healthy, you speak to the diversity of canines affected by cancer. We wish you the best, and your mom too.


Brownie said...

congratulations on being the new spokespersons! they couldn't have made a better choice. :)

Ike said...

The big C is super scary! Every lump and bump I grow gets a big ol needle stuck in it.

Fred said...

Very cool! I totally signed up.
Did I know you guys were in DFW? I live in Cowtown!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Very cool!


PS. Mom says that if you'd like her to advertise these events on the Fur the Animals blog, just write something up and she will post it.