Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please send good vibes.

Well, we didn't want to make the announcement this way, but this is our new Cuzn. (no name yet) Aunt Sandi adopted her on Sunday and this is just a pic from Mom's phone. She's at the vet with pretty bad symptoms and they're running Parvo, Distemper and some other tests right now. Please send good vibes to her, we're hoping it's just a bug or nothing too serious. :(
Update - Parvo test came back negative, still waiting on Distemper. She's being treated the same as she would with Distemper...fluids, antibiotics, nebulizer treatment, etc. She's really weak and won't eat/drink plus has some scary coughing/snot going on. If any of our vet friends out there have any suggestions they're most appreciated.
UPDATE...Great news, the pup is acting SO much better today, bouncing around and eating. Thanks for the good vibes, they must have worked!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh no. This is the last night you need. I hope the pup is going to be fine.

S&K's mom

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Hey Brats,
We're all working the good vibes machine and we put blind Radar in charge. He had all those bad things when he was a young pup, including Parvo, and he pulled through A-OK and now he's a 7 monthold pup; strong as an Ox too. We'll howl at the big DOG tonight to watch over your Cuzn.

mare said...

Oh dear. We'll send good thoughts from Stoodleville for the wee one

Moco said...

We are doing a special circle of healing vibes at this moment.

Fred said...

Poor Cuzn! Bichon vibes coming her way!

Brownie said...

Oh no! We're sending special healing vibes for the little one and crossing our paws for a quick recovery.