Friday, March 20, 2009

Rapid Response ROCKS!!

They do sooo much good work around the world! Catch up on what they're doing and how to get involved at

There's a cool blog going on from the Ethiopia Team you should definitely check out at the link above too. They post every day which is waaaay more than our secretary here helps us post!

Kita's Cool Mom was the winner on that one by just a minute! We hope you loooove the book and it doesn't make your eyes leak too much.


OK, this one is a little bit different cause I'M a little bit different than the rest of the pack!

The BFAS site has an awesome network of animal lovers, rescue folks and volunteers to connect with. Keep up with the latest animal news around the world!

Our next drawing is for anyone on the Network! So if you're not a Network member yet just click here and join, it just takes a minute. Leave a comment on this post with your network user name and you'll be entered to win. Already a member? Woohoo! Leave a comment too with your username and you'll be entered.

We'll host a drawing tomorrow at noon (central) so any entries before that count! Take time and explore the Network...there's all kinds of good things & forums to read.
Our name is TheBratPack so be sure to say hi.

PS Don't let your pawrents tell you they don't have time, we see our Mom wasting lots of time with several of them at that Facebook place.

Oh, probably want to know the prize, right? The Dogtown DVD!

See ya on the Network!


Ruby Bleu said...

Just look at that cute little boston!!!! awwww....

OK, my network name is Rubybleu (of course)!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

wally said...

It's Millie Vanilli Ice!

I'm glad my ma ape didn't win that book or she'd be crying like a baby.

Oh great. She just told me that's what plastic is for.

Better stock up on tissues.

Congrats to the winner!

wally t.

Peanut said...

ah we signed up. Our name is peanutarmydog. Mom says it is one more way for her to not do her school work. lol

Shannon said...

Yay! I'm on the network! Username: syanna324 :D Hi Bratpack!

The Bumpass Hounds said...

We think our user name is probably foggy55 because they send the emails to our dad's email. We sent you one of our newsletters from BFAS to prove dad gets it.. He usually doesn't get much but he does get that.
- The Bumpass Hounds

Scratch behind Samantha's ears for us please.

Anonymous said...

Ghost says he thinks he can take Millie even though she beats up Rulon :) Sorry Rulon.

aka Kita's Cool Mom

daisydog said...

Our User name for BF Network is pinkdaisydog! What else?