Friday, March 20, 2009


AND since our secretary screwed up the question we just realized it was JACK too! We're still trying to get Jack's stuff uploaded...we're kinda behind.

Congrats to ROCKY!

Tell your human all that Happytails stuff is safe for them to use, too. Maybe they'll like it so much they won't share it with you...just a thought. -Sam


Tucker-Doodle here again...since I have seniority in the Pack I get to announce the next awesome prize. I like this one cuz it's not only a very cool prize but it benefits BF.

The prize?

A Membership to Best Friends Animal Society

If you're already a member, a gift membership to the person of your choice!

Cool beans, huh??

So here's the question...

Q: When you become a BF member you receive a subscription to the Best Friends Magazine, the nations largest general-interest animal magazine.
What is the circulation # of the BF magazine?

(The number of each issue circulated PER THE BEST FRIENDS SITE)


daisydog said...

We are going to go make a donation now. Who do I forward my e-mail to? Oh and also is that a pig named Sprocket??? Cuz we have a dog named Sprocket living with us! i wonder if they are related???

Anonymous said...


That's how many times Kita has barked for a treat too.

Kita's Cool Mom

Anonymous said...



Ruby Bleu said...

Oh I love reading the's one of my favorite things to do!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Anonymous said...

200,000 I think


Anonymous said...

200,000 but I'm late!


daisydog said...

We just made a donation! And we guess alot of subscriptions!

Lacy said...

w00f's i gonna say 350,000..

b safe,