Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big 5-0-0 !!!

Wow! It's taken just over two years since we started our blog and we're hitting our 500th post today! Our pack looked a bit different back then, huh? We have the best pals through Dogs with Blogs and our Mom wants us to say that she's met friends from all over the world that she considers some of her closest. We love you guys...

Tucker-Doodle, D0t-Spot, Samantha, Care-Bear, Millie-Vanilli and Rulon
(and our Angels Dakota, Thrawn & Durango)

OK, OK, geez. Rooooolon in the house! I waited all week to get to post and they wanna be all sappy. Dorks. I'm here because all that hairy Bear is posting is stuff for your apes....BORING. We don't want books, we want cute & awesome stuffed toys we can rip the stuffing out of!!! Am I right or what?!?

Um. Ok, this kinda is a buzz kill about the stuffing. It has none to rip out....freaky. Well - look how ginormously long that Tiger is! Even without stuffin' I bet I could whip it all around my head like a lasso and smack Spotty Dotty on the butt with it! YAHOOOO!
I didn't know Kong made I wonder if I could stick peanut butter in him like my real Kong. Maybe I'll try that out if nobody wins that trivia question! The answer is D, ok? Just say D and I am pretty sure maybe possibly thinking you'll win this bear and he won't be living here with me covered in slobbery PB and buried in the backyard. Remember, D.

DUDES! These Hurley toys totally rock!! Seriously, you can do ANYTHING with it and it doesn't fall apart. It's like space age stuff. I haven't gotten to play with one of those Bow Wowzer Balls yet cause I'm neglected and never get any new toys. Sniff. Oh but hey, these are made by West Paw and they issued all of us dogs a personal challenge...if we destroy their stuff they'll replace it. May the force be with you.

WHAT is this??? I told her I just wanted to talk about the cool toys and she sticks this picture in the batch?? Just because it has a toy stuck in there does NOT make this a fun prize. Ick. Shampoo, Dry Shampoo (uh, humans are dumb) and Flea the Scene stuff from Happytails...don't be fooled by that stuffed cat. Don't give in just trying to win the toy because before you know it that cat will be stuck under the couch covered in furballs and your unhappy butt is gonna be in the bathtub covered in SPARKLE & SHINE (gag) thinkin' that the stupid lost cat toy was SO not worth it.

The Chub Sisters wanna talk about some of the other stuff later so that's it for me. Oh but look - when Mom was out cleaning up our 3,284 piles of poop for the week she totally ruined my digsite in the backyard by collecting all the toys to wash them. Check it - she had to dig my Hurley out from under the tree and it's like NEW! That's some pawsome stuff.

I don't know how that slipper got out there. Weird.
See ya at the PAWTY! -ROooOOOOoooolon!


The Bumpass Hounds said...

Our kitties want to know if Roulon been hitting the catnip? You can still rip the two ball shapes out of those flat Kongs; Sophie proved that this past weekend. Looking forward to stopping in to the pawty.

Peanut said...

We have a hurley thing but it's a ball and it goes every where when mom thows it. It's most annoying

wally said...

Wait, are you giving Dot away, too? You guys are the greaterest hosts ever!

wally t.

Nibbles Treats said...

Check out all the loot! Great stuff. We love your guys too. You make us smile and we enjoy your adventures.

Hi Doodle ~ Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mason Dixie said...

We are putting on our thinking caps.........D.............

The J.A.Z Pack! said...

OOH! We have a giant penguin stuffy too but our parents won't let us have it for a while because the stupid puppy is in a destroy everything phase and we have to wait til she grows up a bit. Stupid parents. We want giant penguin stuffy!

stan said...

Oh wow! U totally rock the cannines! I'm linking you.