Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Somedog is a Grizzly Bear

First you have to turn your head sideways because our human is an idiot and did it again. I don't understand what is so hard about holding the camera the right way???

Bear is a grump-ola since E-double chopsticks-A left, you'll have to turn your volume up to hear Mr. Pathetic.

I don't know what the big deal is. Well, as long as my bud Rulon doesn't leave I mean...then it would be a different story. -Dot


Louka said...

Poor Bear! It must be terrible to lose such a pretty husky friend! I can totally understand your grumbling, buddy.
Lots of woos of sympathy,

happy said...

I think Bear looks adorable there ;-) Aah nothing beats a good old loving pat and head rub.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Is that you Bear?

~ Girl girl

Boo said...

sorry dot, i don't get it. why is bear so grumpy? he looks like he's in pain or something.

wet wet licks


Peanut said...

Mom says grumpy old bear can come down here and play with us and then get lots of kisses from her.

Gus said...

Is that poor puppy wearing a hat! No wonder he is grumbling


Ruby Bleu said...

awwww...poor grumpy Bear. Are you sure it's not just a sinus infection?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

BamBam and Eski said...

oh poor baby!
(at first i tot he's snoring!! oops)

Lady Kaos said...

Awwww, poor Bear!!! And your Mom is laughing at him?
Lots of hugs and kisses to Bear (just don't tell Flash).

BenTheRotti said...

aaaaww Bear, I would be grumbling too if My Mum brought a beautiful Husky girl home then CRUELLY took her away from me!!
I feel your pain buddy.. I grumble like that daily when I realise how far away Khyra is... and I soooo LOVE Khyra!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxxx

wally said...

Poor Bear. Your bud goes away and then you are humiliated on the Internets. I feel for ya bud.

But that sound is pretty funny.

But stay away from helicopters. One of 'em might be carrying that Palin lady and she might mistake you for a real bear.

wally t.

Kapp pack said...

Just catching up on things! Can't wait to see your new house.

Butt wiggles, Meadow

River said...

That some deep rumbling! Bear is so cute.

love & wags,

Poppy said...

Aw, poor Bear! I grumble like that sometimes too, but only if I'm mostly asleep.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Bear is worse than Steve and I thought he was bad!


Tadpole said...

Wow - that's some impressive communication skills, Bear! I understood every word of your unhappiness and disapproval.... Poor Bear :-(

Randi said...

Awww....POOR POOR BEAR!!! he sounds super duper grumpy..

I think he needs lots of love from his siblings & extra treats...

love & licks,

The Thundering Herd said...

Wow, you sound like our Queen Natasha the Evil when she is told to move and doesn't want to.

Lisa said...

He sounds like me when I snore!

Daisy Dog said...

Those are very cute growly noises!!!

The Girl said...

Oh, Bear, that is fantastic! As a rumbly boy myself, I really enjoyed that!

Dot, the others are plotting all around you to get rid of Rulon. Keep a good watch!

Brown dog kisses,

Saint Lover said...

Oh my goodness... it does sound like a grizzly bear.


Ah Bear, wqas you trying to sleep and your Mommy wouldn't let ya. I'd be grumpy too. The Mommy snores like that...heehee.