Saturday, September 20, 2008

Phew, I'm pooped.

OMD, I can barely lift my paw to post I'm so tired. The Shuffle was SOOOOO much fun today, I've never seen so many dogs my height. We're still uploading the pictures but I wanted to just say thanks to everydog that sponsored me in the Shuffle. Those last 100 yards were hard but I made it. Barely.
Here are a few pics, but we'll post more plus a slideshow tomorrow. There's SO much to show you guys.

xoxoxo Sam

PS This rocked because I got to show the humans that there are a lot more Hounds that are more, um, portly than I am. I weighed in at 64 pounds, that's almost svelte!!

On the way bright & early...

An hour later....(cut me some slack, it was pretty exhausting stuff!)

First up was Musical Mats...I had it pretty much won then I was ROBBED!

Nanu & I posing together...

My pal Lulu that I actually met yesterday. She had to have her eye removed but I still think she's a covergirl.

I had soooo much fun, I was the happiest Mom has ever seen me!

I spent some time contemplating my happiness...

In case you were wondering...

I'll post more tomorrow, going to dreamland now. (where I get to visit Wally)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Same here!

I'm pooped and so is my mom!

Chekhk my blog fur proof!


Chef said...

Samantha, you look so happy! I'm glad you had a fun day. Did you win for the longest ears? I have a new hound friend, Katie, and she looks just like you... very beautiful! And she steps on her ears so her mommy pins them back.


Gus said...

oh my...that looks like so much fun. When you get really tired, can you ride on Nanu's lap? When we visit Aunt Marie, Teka gets rides, but I don't! (that is the difference between 14 lbs and 34 lbs, muzzer says)

Anyway, all hounds are loverly. And seeing all your pals must've been grrrrreat


wally said...

OHMYDOG! My ma ape says she would pay a million dollars (if she had it) to see all those bassets! She loves the short legs! And I think you and your friend Lulu are the very portraits of beauty. You are so awesome to do the shuffle--and I do love an athletic lady!

wally t.

Ruby Bleu said...

OMD Sam...that t-shirt is the bestest and you looked like you have SOOOOOO much fun!!! Can't wait to see more pix!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Amici said...

What a neat event that focuses just on your breed. You look great in your t-shirt and by the looks of it the day was a blast. :)

Amber-Mae said...

That game sounds like a lot of fun but you look pretty pooped after the whole event. Too bad you didn't win the game. Wish you had!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Moco said...

Good job. We with the short legs must stick together.

Peanut said...

what great fun. You should have won everything there.

Georgeous said...

Hey Samantha, what a shuffle you had! Did your Nanna beat you to the mat???
You look like you had a great day!
There's an award on my site for you all.
Love George

Sophie Brador said...

I can't imagine anything more adorable than a BH Shuffle. I sure wish we had one here.


The Girl said...

Samantha, glad you had such a pawsome day! You certainly do look happy! :)

Brown dog kisses,

Jan's Funny Farm said...

You certainly do look happy. Great fun day.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

It's so much fun to hang out with your own kind, huh? We're glad you had fun, but why did you have to wear a shirt? Poor you!