Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update: JENNY the Elephant @ the Dallas Zoo

Just wanted to share since I know a lot of our friends wrote and called for her!


Peanut said...

Well at least she isn't going to mexico.

wally said...

I saw the story about her in the NYT and was worried--do you think this is good? I've heard really good things about the TN sanctuary. Sigh. I'm worried for Jenny.

wally t.

The Brat Pack said...


I think it's better than Mexico overall, especially with the pressure on the Zoo to expand and get her a friend. That said, I can't stand the Dallas Zoo and never could. The exhibits are a bad joke for the animals.

TN would have been ideal IMO. I still don't get why they wouldn't send her. It's all politics.

Bear's Mom

Bumpass Hounds said...

At least she isn't going to Mexico and MAYBE things will get better at the Dallas Zoo. Our Dad wrote to the mayor's office like you told us to so youse guys probably helped keep her from going to Mexico.

mare said...

I have tears of rage in my throat that, after all this, she will be staying where she is. They had the money, they have the space and the plan, and they are bringing her a companion. Politics almost landed her in Mexico. Politics are keeping her in Dallas. Politics are keeping her from the sanctuary.

I know my reaction is more negative than possibly warranted, but damn -- and do you know how many times the Mayor's office said it's all on the zoo? Jenny is a living being and she shouldn't be subject to so much politics when she's not entitled a vote.

Regardless, thanks for the update Mary Ann: I've been checking for news weekly.