Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on Jenny the Elephant

Just got this bulletin and wanted to pass it along. Thank you to everyone who has emailed and called! - M


See below. Especially note the talking points. City council meets July 1! Jenny has a benefactor who will cover her transportation to Tennessee .

You may call whether you are a Dallasite or not

Margaret (who is cc'ed) is asking that everyone call the Mayor's office and politely support Jenny's move to the TN sanctuary and explain that this is a better option for an elephant than the Mexican amusement park.

She said the authority to decide rests with the Mayor and city council and not with the zoo.

Telephone Mayor Leppert and politely urge him to send Jenny to a sanctuary in the USA . Whether or not you live in Dallas , making a polite phone call is the most important thing you can do. If you called once, please find a reason to call again. Ask everyone you know to also call.

Here is Mayor Leppert's contact information:

Mayor Tom Leppert
Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla Street, Room 5EN

Dallas , TX 75201-6390
Main Phone: (214) 670-4054

Fax: (214) 670-0646

Watch Larry Powell's website for news.
http://www. readlarrypowell. com/


Kapp pack said...

Yay for Jenny!

Woo woo, KA

Chef said...

We're going to send an email and hope it helps Jenny. Thanks for letting us know about her. We're hoping for a good outcome for her.


Shannon said...

I sent two emails. One asking that they reconsider sending her to a sanctuary instead of an amusement park and the other supporting the idea of the benefactor sending her to an amusement park. I just rec'd one back from the mayors office saying that the ultimate decision lies with Greg Hudson, zoo director and that my email will be forwarded to him.

Fingers crossed for Jenny