Monday, June 9, 2008

DFW Area Rescues - Can anyone help?? Urgent Situation

I rec'd this bulletin tonight, can any of the rescues in the area help? I'm just heartbroken about this. Here's the bulletin...if anyone needs the contact info of the author just let me know as she noted she can help pull and transfer.

I would really like to get the Senior GSD out, he breaks my heart. :(

Irving Shelter had several adoption returns over the weekend who tested positive for parvo. There will be no adoptions to the public this week at Irving . Due to the need to thoroughly disinfect the shelter the population of dogs will be reduced to a manageable level. Rescues can pull any dogs that are at or past their adoption dates without charge. All dogs currently being treated for kennel cough in the vet area will be euthanized at close of business tomorrow (6/10). Any dog that is at or past it's adoption date is at risk of euthanasia after close of business tomorrow. If you intend to rescue any of these dogs please advise the shelter staff as soon as possible. If I can help with pull or transfer of any of these dogs please call me also.

This is from the Shelter Management:
Irving Animal Services is willing to transport animals if needed.

We do not think everything has been exposed but are implementing procedures to safeguard our adoption partners and any potential adopters
This is a link to the URGENT dogs.
They are the dogs most likely to
be next in line for euthanasia

http://fototime. com/inv/3D84C31D6FA3D7C

Irving Shelter Tel.

THE NEW IRVING SHELTER HOURS: M-F 12:00pm to 7:pm....Sat 12:00pm to 6:pm...Sun clsd
Russell Posch
Shelter Walker
RESCUES ONLY ~ 214-529-2920

Other links with pics:{9CDA9FDA-247D-4027-B452-4E39893CF98E}&inv=3D84C31D6FA3D7C&userid={9CDA9FDA-247D-4027-B452-4E39893CF98E}&inv=3D84C31D6FA3D7C{9CDA9FDA-247D-4027-B452-4E39893CF98E}&inv=85A25505CA80B3F&userid={9CDA9FDA-247D-4027-B452-4E39893CF98E}&inv=85A25505CA80B3F


Moco said...

This makes us so sad. We are hoping that some of these pups can find furever homes and have a great time like you did in the pool.

Holly said...

Oh how terrible!!! I sure hope something can be done to help them!

I think you should definitely adopt the senior shepherd, you have a great home to offer him!


wally said...

Oh that's so very sad! I hope they can find homes--permanent or temporary--for these dogs. Have they been on the news? A local shelter had the local news station do a story on a similar situation and their dogs got snatched up that day. Poor dogs.


Shannon said...

My heart is broken. I can't even bring myself to open the link to see the photos. I'm at work and I'm sure that I would just break down in tears.

I wish that I could do something for any of them but geography is a bit of an issue here.

Wally has a good idea. Maybe if you can email the local news stations and get this on the lunchtime news. Maybe some of them can find safe harbours.

Thank you for letting us know Maryann. Hopefully your campaign will save at least a few of these lives.


The Daily Echo said...

That's so sad. Paws are crossed that they all find homes before it's too late.

Biggie-Z said...

I sent this on to Biggie's breeder, who lives sort of in the area, and she's sent it out to her contacts as well. Hope it helps. Can you update us if it's not too depressing?