Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We're sooooo excited!

(This is a stupid day late because stupid blogger wouldn't let us post a stupid picture last night)

Hi-ya's Samantha! I'm here to tell ya about the super-fantastic-marvelous box that came in the mail yesterday! Our totally pawsome pals Peanut & Flash sent us pressies! We saw Mom bring the box in, but she put it up high while she made us dinner. I sent Tucker-Doodle in to investigate...Finally it was time and Mom put it on the floor for smelled sooooo good.We were right, there were four pieces of Texas Taffy in there!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!These are delish - steal your people's plastic cards and order yourself some PRONTO. Next came the totally pawsome toys....Tucker had first dibs on the giraffe. He's such a stuffy hog sometimes....All of a sudden Bear ran in and stole it even though he already had this super cool crinkly squeaky skunk that doesn't stink from the box!Tucker was having NONE of that so he snatched it back and threw himself on the couch before Bear could catch him!Peace was finally restored and we got to play with the other stuff....this is my FAVORITE. It's called a Chubby Buddy and I looooove it. Kinda like Dot's my Chubby Buddy...ha ha....get it?? Whenever somedog looked like they were going to steal it I gave them THE LOOK!We were so super fast playing with the new octopus toy that Mom couldn't snap a pic except for our group shot to say a great big thank you and lots of love to Peanut, Flash & their Mom....and even Fatman! We just have the best friends ever!Love, Samantha

Peee Esss....Steve & Kat your other package came and the frog is SUPER cool. Tucker's been sleeping with it at night but here's Bear so he can show off his new foot. Well, ok, it's not new but it doesn't have that giant alien growth on it anymore and he finally got to take the bandage off after TWO WEEKS. (Between you all and me, it was S-T-I-N-K-Y-O-L-A)

Peeee Essssssss AGAIN. Now he's nagging me to tell you all that Dr. Bill said hardly anydog keeps his bandage on the whole time and he's some kind of rock star. Geeesh. Like his head isn't big enough already.


The Daily Echo said...

Oh those pictures are SO great! It's like Christmas all over again!

Peanut said...

Oh yeah we are so glad you liked your stuff. We wanted to send more but mom said something about no more money. She should get a job so we can send our friends more presents. I love love love Chubby buddies they are like my favorite toy next to my jolly ball and mom likes them because they last more then 5 minutes. You guys have fun.

dog lover said...

Glad to see you got lots of presents and that Bear's foot is much better!

Best arooroos,

Dog Lover

Ferndoggle said...

Oh boyfriend Peanut sent my (secret) boyfriend Tucker pressies! Oh the guilt...over looking at those pawesome pics of Tuck...with those toys hanging from his strong jaws.

I should focus on Bear & how he's such a good boy for keeping his bandage on for 2 weeks! I never would have made it.

Oh, & tell Dot that Mom calls Sherman her Chubby Buddy ~gag~.


Pee. Ess.'re cute ~blush~

Amber-Mae said...

Woah, those Texas Taffies sure look yummy! What are they actually? Heehee! Great suffes there to murder. You have such great friends!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Gus said...

mmmmm Texas Taffy Yeah! Miss Snickers sent me a piece and I luved it. But Muzzer says....oh well, something about fat again. I block all those remarks anyway. Congratulations to Bear on the new foot, and to all of you for playing (relatively) nicely with your new toys.


Sophie Brador said...

Great pressies! What's Texas Taffy? Is it like beef jerky? I have to tell mom to get off her butt and get to the post office. Don't tell Bear, but I'm sending him something special. I'm going to have to tell Penny not to focus too intently on Bear or she might fall in love with him, and I really like Penny and don;t want to have to compete with her for that big, handsome rock star doggie.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Such a great haul of pressies!! You do have some great friends. And Bear is a rock star for keeping his bandage on for two weeks. Mom says we would have pulled it off in the first hour.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Luckie Girl said...

I bet Bear's bandage smelt really good. Did you try to keep his bandage nice and slimy? heehee

Anonymous said...

So many great new toys - no wonder you are all so excited!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those are really pawsome gifts. :)

~ Girl girl

Goofy said...

wow... bunch of pressies!!! you gang sure have great friends all over!!

Snowball said...

Those are pawsome pressie. Glad to see you having fun. Its nice to have siblings to share the fun time with.I have no one to snatch my toys so I dun think that my toys or food are nice at all.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Listen I am worried about this Taffy stuf.

Master is from Wales (inUK) and he is called a taffy.

I hope you aren't eating bits of master.

I haven't noticed anything missing onhim though. or off him.

Cool presents so long as you aren't eating my master.


4xBs said...

you guys sure did get some cool pressies. that Texas taffy is making us hungry. we love that stuff. we're glad that you can share your toys. we do too.

we're happy to hear that Bear is all healed up too. he was a very good boy.


Mack said...

Texas taffy rocks like you wouldn't believe it!! Those pressies are super cool!

Glad to see Bear's paw is doing well, and no more aliens on it!


Lady Kaos said...

Flash & Peanut are the BEST!!
Bear is definately a rock star! When I hurt my foot, my bandage didn't last 2 hours without it coming off. Bear, you are da man!!

wally said...

That's some awesome stuff! We love the taffy, though we live bits all over the house and the ma ape gets them stuck all over her socks and slippers. Ha! Tasty ma ape.

I am tagging you for a game of questions! See my blog for details.


ps. Bear! I'm having a surge-a-ma-ree just like yours to get a lump removed but mine is the size of a pea and I don't have to get sedated to do it! Sam! I'm sure I'll be just fine but these pictures of you with your chubby buddy (like me!) will help me get through the hard times!

KB said...

you all are SOOOOOO lucky! i love getting pressies! I'm glad Bear's growth was removed!!! haha...

hope you go the stench under control - i feel for him though..i stink every once and a while :)

The Zoo Crew said...

You guys are so lucky...pressies! My mama says we've been so good, being nice to our foster sister, Fiona, so she's gonna buy us "pressies" when Fiona goes to her new home.

Peace + Paws,

Zennie Bug

Dory the Lab said...

That's it I'm packing my toys and buying a plane ticket and coming to live with you guys. You look like you are having soooo much fun!

Love ya - Dory

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We're glad you got the frog.

That's so cool of Peanut and Flash! The toys are okay, but that Texas Taffy looks wonderful! I wish I had some right now!


Waylon and Willie said...

That looks like awesome gifts... what this Texas takky... We think we need some of that!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Nice presents from Peanut and Flash! Glad you all are having fun with them!
Bear, you are a good boy!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Words khan not khapture how khute woo all look!

Wags & Wuv,



it's me Mona

me wants ya to come over and to tell me what breed is Copper

bet ya can't guess!!

diane said...

That picture of Tucker on the couch - "Ha! Can't get me!" - it's great! Glad everyone is doing well...

Ronin_The_Pug said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! Love your post! Kisses and hugs guys!

Shannon said...

I read a disturbing post on Opy's blog about how some bloggers are getting bogged down and pressured to blog. I love reading your blog but often don't comment, so just wanted to take a moment to say thanks, for sharing your lives with us, for being open, honest and keeping it real, for doing interactive contests like the letters to santa and for being entertaining, making me laugh and making it so that I can live vicariously through the adventures of your dogs.
Ramsey's (still) foster mom

Jan said...

What neat photos of you all playing with your new toys. And sharing them. (hehehe)

We're glad Bear's foot is better.

jans funny farm

Tasha & Eva said...

WOW what a great bunch of presents!! You guys look so happy! Glad Bear's paw is getting better. Gee, Dot, hope that the boys stop confusing you with a fire hydrant. That is NASTY! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Kapp pack said...

Those were some great pressies! Sorry I haven't visited for awhile but my humans went away and took the computer with them!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

Those are the best presents!! That chewy thing is making me DROOL! Tell me how it tastes. :)

Kirby said...

Those toys totally rock! I have a chubby buddy hippo and just love it!! I've never had Texas Taffy, I'll have to steal Mom's credit card and order some up for myself. Hope you are all sharing well with you another.

Your pal,