Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our New Look

Hi Pals, Bear here.

While our Mom would like to take credit for the pawsome new look of our blog we're not going to let her. This super duper nice lady Rebecca did it for us...all Mom had to do was pick out the digital scrapbook kit with the pieces and parts and send her our pictures. Rebecca is fundraising to adopt a waiting child from China and all of the proceeds from her blog designs are going to her fund. If you want to check out her other designs here's her blog. She's great!

Oh and here's a pic from the archives for the ladies out there...


Gus said...

Hey guys and gals, we love the new look! that is one talented lady, for sure. We're gonna race over and see if I can afford to have her rework me (well, my blog.) Thanks for the tip.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Very cool design. Do you think we need to update our design? It's just a standard Blogger template.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Ruby Bleu said...

Not sure what I like more...the new template or your picture!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Mom is so going to check out her stuff. I need a new look for my blog.

The Zoo Crew said...

Love the new look....just heard back from Rebecca and she's ready to start working on ours..... ROOHOO!!!

The Zooo Crew

Holly said...

LOVE the new look!!!

Ooohhh, you looks quite tough in that pic!


Huskee Boy said...

Hi guys,
I love your new look! Looks fabulous... I think (or rather, I am SURE) my blog needs a new look!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Your blog sure look very pawsome now!

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Hi Bear! I absolutely LOVE the new look on your bloggie! Oh, that picture of you is sooo frighteningly hawt! Hey if you don't mind helping out, can you tell me (then I will pass the message to my mommy) on how to change my bloggy like yours too? I've always wanted my bloggie to look this nice too but can never figure out coz I'm a compooter dummy & so is my mommy too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ferndoggle said...

Your blog is so cool now Bear, I hardly feel worthy to read it! Maybe if I get Rebecca to do one for us, I won't feel so bad. And what a great cause!


Pee Ess...please give Dot a big lick for me?

Mack said...

Yes, Paris is swooning as we speak!

Your mom's friend is very talented!

See ya later,

Maya and Kena said...

Hey there!
We just love your layout!! It's so neat!! That lady is REALLY talented, we saw her page and her other pieces of art and were amazed!!
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Sophie Brador said...

Oh Bear.


Maggie & Mitch said...

What a cute picture, Bear!
Your blog looks awesome! We love it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

PKPWV said...

The new look is awesome...maybe I should have my mom get in touch with that nice lady!

I still cry about Durango....we're so sorry!

velcro and her mom

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Well, I love the new look. I'm going to go out and see how much it would cost for us to get a new look too. I'm sure I can get my paws on a credit card. If not, I will give Mom the sad eyes until she caves.


River said...

Wow the new look is pawsome!!


Lisa said...

Oh, Bear, you are a studly dog. :)

Randi said...

Hey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of your bloggy! & LOVE that our doggie angels are still watching over us!

Loved the pics of Samantha as well! That cheered me right up!

Love & Licks,

Lady Kaos said...

Your blog is totally pawesome! I'm so jealous!!!

Jan said...

We love your new look. It's great.

jans funny farm

Lorenza said...

Your new look is greeeeeat! Sure Rebecca is very talented!
Kisses and hugs

Luckie Girl said...

I like your new blog look! :) I like your piktures better. hehehe...

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

This photo is awesome!!!

P.S. LOVE the new look!!! It is pawsome!

Dory the Lab said...


Dory Missing - There have been reports of a black lab leaving Logan Airport on AireRuby, possibly stalking football players. Please report any sightings, she may have layovers before getting to Arizona!

Seadra & Zoe said...

We love the new look of your blog!! We are going to have to go and pay a visit to this lady. Our Mom knows nothing about making our blog look cool like yours.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Balboa & Mommy said...

Wow,I LOVE the new look, you all are just too cool!!!!!!

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, I just love the look of your blog. It's so cool!!!!!

Frenchie Snorts