Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grand Admiral Thrawn

It's hard to believe that it's been a month, but it really has. In light of all the sadness around here lately I wanted to brighten things a bit by remembering Thrawn in a happy way. I'm tired of crying and I really don't think Thrawn would have much tolerance for it either. He was never one for drama. So although most of these have been posted before I want to share some of the happier times. While we miss him like crazy I think it's best that I stop being sad that he's gone and just be happy that he was here.Thrawn taught me a lot about life and even about death. I spent too much time dreading and being scared of the inevitable instead of spending my energy enjoying the present. The time we have with them is just too short to do this and if anything this last year has shown me is that life does go on whether you feel like it or not. There does become a time you can look back and feel the good instead of just the sadness. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out how to skip to the good part.

He gave me a deep love of Northern Breed dogs that I probably wouldn't have had if he had not wandered into my life. Ten years ago if I walked into a shelter there would have been no way I would have adopted a Special Needs dog because I wouldn't have thought I could cope with the issues. I'm not saying I cope well now, but at least I know I can get by and that it's an option. He also gave me the opportunity to learn MUCH more about the veterinary world than I otherwise would have.

Plus I just know he's teaching little Durango how to open the candy drawers as we speak. ;)

A huge thank you to all of our friends that have laughed and cried with us this past year. If there's EVER anything I can do for any of you all you need to do is ask.

Maryann (who promises to turn the blog back over to the dogs soon!)

PS...I know that this blog has been somewhat of a downer and honestly I do sometimes think about editing what I post. Nobody wants to visit and be bombarded with bad news and worry, I know I don't. I seriously thought about not posting about negative things that happen but life is what it is. There have been so many times I've used others experiences on their blogs to work my way through my own problems and I hope that by putting the bad on here with the good I can do the same for someone else. Or hell, maybe I'm just depressing, I don't know. ;)

PS Again...We have missed everyone this last week but am looking forward to catching up with our pals on their blogs.


Maddox said...

As one who didn't get to know Thrawn, I am glad to see happy pics! I've actually been doing just that--going to blogs looking for happy things. It has been a terribly sad experience just from the sidelines, seeing you lose Thrawn and then Durango, and Dakota too not long ago.

You are right--they are not here long, but gosh how rich our lives are while they are here. You have a big heart Maryann, you can see it in all your dogs' eyes that they love you to bits and pieces. May many more know that love (and I will try my best to do the same.)

So yes! Celebrate the good! Those pics are great and I am sitting here grinning. I am so glad to see a happy post, yup yup. And of course Thrawn is teaching little Durango all kinds of mischevious things. Heh heh heh...

Carolyn, Maddox and Shelby

diane said...

Oh, I LOVE that pizza picture! I have at least one just like it from every dog that's ever owned me! Even down to the chin resting on the table...
Never feel you have to edit your thoughts. Just say what you feel--I'm sure everyone will read until the bottom of the post! And, thank you so much for all you do for all the dogs, yours as well as those still waiting for their forever homes. You give others hope that maybe they, too, can help a special dog.

Lisa said...

For a moment, I forgot Thrawn was gone. Who can forget that picture of him with the flour and then the red ink. What a stinker! I still remember the pizza video and of course the barking that I still like to play just to freak out my cats. Gone but not forgotten is your Thrawn and I am sure he has already gotten Durango into all kinds of trouble on the other side of that bridge! And Dakota probably helped! Don't you worry about depressing anyone. This blogging community is a wonderful one there to share the joys and the sorrows equally.

4xBs said...

Hi Maryann, your blog is NOT a downer and we just admire and respect you. we know you've been through a lot of sadness and we are amazed and impressed that you handle it all with such grace. you are a true saint to dogs and of course, we love you for that.

Thrawn was a lovely boy and we're sorry we didn't get to know him better. we had no idea that he was 'special needs'. he was lucky to have you.

you set a great example for all dogs and humans by showing us that life does go on. you remind us to remember the happy times, now to dwell on the sad. it honors our loved ones to remember their lives, not their deaths.

woofers. we are happy to know you.

Luckie Girl said...

Thank you for sharing Thawn's piktures. I am sure Durango will have lotsa company over the rainbow bridge.
Life is too short for us to look back with regrets. Let's look forward tomorow and live each day like it's our last okay? :) *hugz*

Franki V said...

There is a place called Rainbow Bridge in Utah. I never knew that such a place really existed. It is a National Monument. I am certain that all of our friends are there.
Love brings us together. Nothing is truer. Your love for Thrawn, Dakota and Durango has brought us all together. Much love to you.

Maggie & Mitch said...

We love your blog and we love you, Maryann! Life would be pretty boring if everything was peachy all the time!
What great pictures of Thrawn! We're sure glad he and Durango and Dakota have all found each other!
And now mom needs to go find a tissue!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Woo hoo!

I love khandy too!!

My mom says DON'T ever edit what woo say - that is what blogs are for: to khapture the emotion(s) of the moment -

Thrawn and Durango - along with Dakota - are sooooo freakin' proud of YOU!

You've managed to make us love our bipeds even more AND from what I've been able to read - when my mom is hogging my laptop - our bipeds love us even more than they did - and that is a LOT since we didn't think they khould love us anymore than they already did!

Wags and WUV WUV WUV,

PeeEss: my mom and I say TANK WOO fur the special khomment on my blog!

Amber-Mae said...

What a great post about dear Thrawn! So sorry that I've never visited your doggie's bloggie but I'm so glad that I didn't miss saying good-bye to dear Thrawn & Durango. They both sure were wonderful boys! I will promise to visit their bloggie everyday & I will try my best not to miss anything especially when it's time to say good-bye...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

You rock. And so do all your "brats"!
Your dogs are SO lucky to have you!
Those pics of Thrawn are wonderful.
Take care!
Mack and mom

Peanut said...

Maryann Never edit your posts. The lovely thing about this community is we share the bad along with the good. I personally wouldn't want to read all good things only to find out that someone had gone through a bad time and didn't tell us about it and let us try to support them in anyway we could. I loved those pictures of Thrawn you can just see his mischievous spirit in all of them.

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Maryann...
Thanks for posting those pics...they definitely made us smile. Never question what you post...the good and the bad, it's all part of life. Although it is sometimes hard to read, I feel richer from having read it. I know if I should ever encounter some of the things that you have I will be ready...not only with info because of you, but your support too! Thank you.

Ruby is looking forward to more Brat news...particularly Tucker ( I think she's a little sweet on Tucker)!

Michele & Ruby

Sherry said...

Maryann, What a great tribute to Thrawn, and to you! Thank you for sharing your life with your pack with the rest of us -- the good times and the sad times. It's all part of the experience of caring for dogs. I wish for only good times for the next few years for you and the brats.

Sherry & Sophie Brador

The Zoo Crew said...

As mom always says, "life isn't only sunshine and rainbows, but sometimes a little cloudy and rainy too". It's good to hear and be supportive of not only the good times, but the not so happy times too!

I know our little Clea helped to welcome Thrawn and little Durango too!

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew (and their mama too)

rpm said...

I truly read your words and connect with you over these sad times and the happy ones, too. Please don't stop posting about the sad things because we all learn from each other during these times...learn that it's not the end of the world when our lovely "fur babies" pass on. And we do have to deal with all the issues that it brings to us. You are so inspiring in that you take on all these doggies and give them a good home and give them good vet care and they are lucky to have you and have had you in their life and I know you are thankful to have them, too.

Kate said...

Pippa loves pizza too.

It's great to post up older pix sometimess, especially when not everyone has seen them. Sometimes its hard to go back through a new blog back to the beginning, although we used to do it. So many blogs now and so little time. We like to see pix of Thrawn - and Dakota - even if it does make us a bit damp-eyed.

I think you an inspiration.

Kate & Pippa (signing in with my alter ego)

Jan said...

Don't ever feel you have to be up and cheerful all the time. Just be yourself and post what is in your life. Laughter is healthy but life is not all peaks; there are valleys. We all cried with you these last couple of months and grieving is not an overnight hurdle.

The photos of Thrawn are adorable. We haven't known you too long, so we missed a lot of them before.

jans funny farm

wally said...

Thanks for the big laugh with the pictures of Thrawn. What a great guy--perfect comic timing. My ma ape needed a pick-me-up and these did the trick! I hope the blogging helps you to remember all the good times--but it's ok to cry, even on your blog!


Dory and Liza said...

Maryann -

We are all part of a community and a family in someways! It was great seeing Thrawn's photos and trust me if anyone stands still long enough I love to talk to them about my Emily and Gillie.

These are great photos and we are so happy you shared your thoughts and feelings - even unedited!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all -

Liza & Dory

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi Maryann,
I'm so sorry about the little Durango. I haven't been on my computer all weekend & found your update only today. I still think that you need to do something about that shelter. Don't worry about venting about the "bad." Believe me, I have had to at times & found that all of you fellow bloggers have been a great support group to me. I tore up the 2007 calendar like I had mentioned that I would. 2008 started out pretty bad for me, too, but I believe that it can get only better. Remembering the good times with our "4-legged babies" who have crossed the bridge & hugging the ones that are close to us is a good thing. I took it pretty hard, too, when I had to say good-bye to my Shanna. If you ever need to talk, vent, whatever - please don't hesitate to email me at
Take care,

Penny & Poppy said...

All of our people are dog-lovers and unfortunately, they all have to take the bad with the good. It's something they sign up for when they have pets. Our mom had a special needs dog and she found out that she just did what she had to do to make Pockets have the best life possible. We know you have done that for all your fur-kids. Just think of the great reunion you will have when you get to the bridge! In the mean time, please just love us for the short time we're here and remember the good times.

Aire-hugs to all of you!
Poppy & Penny

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

We love sharing ya'lls world. This is a beautiful tribute to Thrawn and a reminder that we should always appreciate every moment of life. Oh and know you never cry alone. xo

Love Licks & waggin TX tails

Snowball said...

Maryann, We can understand how you are feeling. It is difficult to let go of something that had been part of your life for many year, like Thrawn.It takes time for you to be able to look at his pictures and not feeling too sad.

We want you to know that we think that you are a great mum to all your furkids.

We have an award for you on our blog. Please come over and have a look.

Take care of yourself.


Gus said...

MaryAnn..that was a lovely tribute to Thrawn, and to the rest of you too. Your example helped the others accept him and love him, what a wonderful thing to be able to say.

We're more of a family than many tied by blood. Don't hesitate to share with us, as we don't hesitate to share with you.

Gussie's Muzzer

River said...

Thrawn looks like he had a lot of fun in his life with you - just love the cheekiness he seemed to exude.

And everyone needs to get even the bad news off their chest from time to time and I think the DWB community is great for providing virtual support to others when they need it most.


Balboa & Mommy said...


YOur blog is not a downer in fact you give me inspiration to love, to fight, to laugh. You are a hero to your babies, to all of us. I am so glad I found DWB, here I laugh and cry with all of you, here we take pride in each others accomplishments and grieve alongside each other. I truly think I am a better person for having Balboa in my life, I know you are a great person for all that you do for your babies.


Grammie said...

Without the bad times we would have no appreciation for all the good that we have in our lives. Friends are here for helping you through the turmoils. You must always feel free to express your feelings. Who understands better than these bloggers. Love the pictures of Thrawn.
Peanut and Flash's Grammie

Lacy said...

woofies Maryann...dont ever, never think ur a know u have friends here, thats why u tell us the bad things along with the good...we r here to support u and all that needs our support..breaks my heart with all the losses u had this past year..its not fair...when God made u, he made a very special person..

b safe,

luved the picturs of Thrawn...

Lady Kaos said...

Those are some of my favorite pictures of Thrawn. Don't ever not post something because you think it's not happy enough. We are here to help you through things with your pack and if you don't tell us, we can't give you the support that helps so much. We understand what you're going through more than any other people out there. We will be there for you through the happy times and the sad times. Hopefully there will be a lot more happy times coming soon!
Love & Hugs
Hilary & Kaos

Holly said...

What a wonderful dedication and memory post about dear Thrawn. I am still crying.

I am also SOOOO sorry about little Durango. Summi's mom and I were following it over the weekend as we were doing our transport of 2 Sibes to Colorado. We spent a while crying then too. It was just so wrong. He was such a precious and beautiful boy. The one thing you can be proud of, if that he did not die alone in the shelter. He was lucky enough to have found you, and you gave him love and did everything you could to help him live. He is now playing at the Bridge with all the other Sibes who will teach him all their tricks! And, he will be waiting to join you again some day.

Do not feel bad about sharing your sadness. That is what we are all here for. To listen, and cry along with you, and to offer our support and kind words. The best way to cope with loss and sadness, is to share it with others who know how you are feeling, and can understand and share your sorrow. That is what this blogging family is here for.

Take care! Love and hugs,

Holly and her mom Jan

Dakota said...

All wonderful pictures of Thrawn. Please don't worry in the least about the blog. We are all family here, and we share good and bad. Our hearts are better for knowing you and the brats - all of them from Dakota to Durango.

Tad's girl said...

SO MUCH LOVE to you and the Pack. Please don't EVER think you shouldn't post "bad news" stuff... like you said, it's part of life and it's mixed in with the good. As one who hasn't lost one of my own babies (we lost a "family" dog, but not one of "my own") I truly thank you for being so honest and open about what you're feeling and going through. The way you give love and give love and then going through pain, and then give some more love is so inspiriing. Bless you. Thanks again.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Maryann.
Those are great pictures of Thrawn. Thanks for sharing them again!
Good and bad things are part of our lives and sometimes sharing them make us feel a little bit better.
We admire you.
Kisses and hugs

Louka said...

Hey, your blog is your place to say what's bothering you, to get support and be uplifted by the rest of us. You post a lot of nice, uplifting things too and you do need support, sometimes.

On a totally different note, thank you so much for this post of Thrawn pictures. he was a gorgeous dog and so many of those pictures make me smile and laugh. I love his smile and the way he seems to thoroughly enjoy being bad. Lou gives me that grin, sometimes, when he knows he's doing something he really shouldn't be and it's great to see that someone else gets that grin and understands.

Courage and strength to you.
Louka's mom.

happy said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. Just read about Durango from Lacylulu's blog. Stay comforted that he's no longer suffering.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Thrawn and the flour and Thrawn and the ink pen are my favorite pics of him! I remember seeing those stories right at the beginning of reading your blog and I thought they were great!


(I mean, Steve and Kat)

Aunt Jan said...

Every dog you are sent to care for was chosen by God just for you...because he knows your heart and love for each of these precious animals. Thrawn and Durango are having a great time and loving life, they were blessed by your love for them. You gave so much of yourself to those special doggies. I wish each dog could have a person just like you.

Poppy said...

Those are great pictures of Thrawn. What a great way to remember him!

As for worrying about sharing sad stuff, don't worry! While you're right that is sad to read sad news, sometimes it helps sooooo much to know that others are going through the same things you are.

Write whatever you want...we'll still read it!


Poppy said...

Oops, I forgot to say that I gave you an award! Go visit me blog to see it!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Thrawn sure is handsome. I missed him...

~ Girl girl

The Daily Echo said...

We're frequently reminded that "life is real". There's good and there's sad. How can we possibly cherish and appreciate the good times without taking them for granted if we don't help ourselves through the sad times? It helps us heal and truly does make us stronger. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful photos of Thrawn and Durango over the past several days.

Eski said...

it's great to see Thrawn's pixs again... definitely great to see his happy and mischievous faces!

you've a big kind heart to give these poor little ones another chance in life & you know alot others are against the idea of adopting becos of their behavioral probs and wat cr*p. oh well.

be it joy or sorrow, we'll be here to share them with you.

big hugz to you and the brats

*winkz to Tucker*

yvette said...

I never knew Thrawn but this entry has touched me much.. just know that he's happy and free now..
you should be too..

Summit the Super Mal said...

It is times like these that we look to the Heavens and wonder what kind of a lesson we are trying to be taught. Sometimes the answer to that comes quickly and some times it doesn't. I hope your answer comes sooner rather than later and that you find comfort from many as you wait for that answer.
You did good!! You loved, you laughed and you cried. You honored Dakota, Thrawn and Durango in a love-filled, heart-felt way. I don't think you should edit your's life...and as much as we want to sometimes, we can never edit that. It comes to us harder than we can imagine and other times it is more joy than we think we can stand. Don't be scared to keep looking for the joy!!
Huge hugs from Iowa!!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Look at that handsome boy. The red pen AND holding up the wall photo are the best!!! Oh wait.. the SONIC BURGER ranks up there too!

Oh, Tia and I are giving you all an award. Stop by later on, as I am still putting the finishing touches on it.


Kapp pack said...

That was a great collection of pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. You gave Thrawn and Durango so much love. We wish we could have known them both longer. You have to talk about the bad stuff sometimes to help yourself cope with it. Please don't feel bad about that. Take care of yourself and know that both of them are wearing their silver harnesses proudly.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Kirby said...

Hi Maryann,

I can't decide which picture of Thrawn I love best, makeup Thrawn or adorable flowe Thrawn. They are all great! I absolutely love your blog. It is honest and filled with emotion, as life is. You showed me that I'm not the only person in this world that feels certain ways towards my dog. We have ridden the highs and the lows with you and the pack, and I would not have it any other way. Keep up your wonderful work blogging and taking such excellent care of the doggies!

Kirstin & Kirby

Lucky Dog Boarding said...

Maryann, we LOVE your blog because of how truthfully you post everything that goes on. There are so many times in our dogs' short lives that we worry about them for one thing or another, and while it does make us sad (especially for those that have come to know and love your dogs) when something bad happens, it also helps us through those sad times with OUR furkids. We don't want to see you and the gang sad and disheartened, but for the times that I know I'll have in the future when I'll worry about mine, I know that these posts of 'reality' are going to help me through it. Not to mention, there is so much happiness in your life that you so graciously share with us. We don't want you to edit that in any way :)
We LOVE you and the gang! Thanks for sharing those pictures of Thrawn. I especially love the pizza picture and what looks like 'the red pen incident' :)

Cole, Orion and Cassie


We LOVE the pictures of Thrawn and of the previous ones of Durago too. Life can be so difficult sometimes and so wonderful sometimes too. We really do appreciate you sharing both the sad and funny times with us. Dakota, Thrawn and Durango were all happy and better dogs for the time that they spent with you. Take care!

Cubby said...

Thrawn was such a character! I miss the big guy!

Hang in there!