Thursday, January 10, 2008

Durango Update

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Durango. I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted and I still don't have anything concrete to post. On Tuesday he started to vomit and had pretty much watery explosive poop (TMI, sorry) so we headed to the small emergency clinic down the street that night. He tested positive for Parvo and they started treatment immediately. He managed not to vomit all night so when I picked him up Wednesday morning to go to Dr. Bill's I was feeling hopeful.

Unfortunately he started vomiting excessively and having bloody diarrhea once he was there for a short while and we decided he needed 24 hour intensive care so I picked him back up and took him to the big emergency hospital in Carrollton where he's been since. He's on antibiotics, fluids, medication to control the diarrhea and vomiting, etc. His White Blood Cell and Protein counts are next to nothing which is a huge problem. He had a Plasma Transfusion last night and is in the midst of another one now to try to boost his proteins. He hasn't vomited since this morning but is drooling excessively indicating nausea and continues to have bloody diarrhea as well. If he can keep from throwing up through this transfusion they are going to see if he will eat anything later tonight. At this point he hasn't eaten in four days and his weight is down to 16 pounds, 4 since Sunday. It's imperitive that he eats and keeps it down to have any chance at all of living.

I'm scared and at a loss of what to do. The cost is exorbitant and while I would never regret a penny at some point I will run out of resources to help him. If he can make the turn towards recovery in the next day or so I will do everything I can think of to make sure he has the care he needs. However, if he continues another 48 hours without any kind of positive sign at some point I can't keep putting him through this - but I want to make sure he has every chance to fight if he can. I'm just heartbroken that he's so sick and I feel helpless.

I had a few emails asking what the shelter (SPCA of Dallas) said....when he left there he had a "discharge" temp of 102.75 which is .25 degrees above what they consider normal range. The reason given by the shelter staff was that he was probably excited/stressed, etc and that would cause the small spike which was normal. the small print it voids the 30 day Shelter Care insurance policy that came with him. I asked if there was anything they could do to help me, they said to return him and they'd refund the $185 adoption fee or I could pick another dog. I then asked if he would be treated up there and they said no which I interpret to mean that he would be euthanized for having Parvo. This isn't the time or place to go into my personal feelings on this situation but I will say that if they feel a dog is sick enough to void the insurance then IMO he's TOO SICK TO BE ADOPTING OUT!!!! The average joe going in there doesn't know that a small temp increase could be more than just excitement or stress (as suggested by their staff) and that it could be a horrible disease. Either way, it doesn't change the situation right now but I will be addressing it later. I cringe to think of what's happened to his litter mates and the other puppies that were with them.

The Brat's are still ok at this point. I'm watching them like hawks and Dr. Bill said if we make it through Sunday with no symptoms we should be in the clear. The girls got boosters just in case (the boys recently had theirs). The house has been sanitized, all the toys and beds are gone and now it's just sit and wait and worry. I know he's only been with me a couple days and he's "just a puppy" but when I made the decision to adopt him he became as much part of the family as anyone else and he's my responsibility. I don't know what the next couple days will hold but I hope to hell he fights his way back out of it. :( Thanks for everyone's support, I really appreciate it.

A few pics when he was home...

Thanks again - Maryann & The Brats


Lisa said...

The SPCA should be ashamed for not doing more to help. At the very least, they could have refunded your adoption fee to help cover these expenses you are wracking up on a poor puppy you only had for what 2 days home before he showed the symptoms. Though it rarely happens, if one of our cats comes back to us because it is sick, we would most certainly provide treatment as much as possible unless we were sure that there was no hope. I will keep praying for little Durango that he starts turning it around and getting better. I'm glad the other brats are still doing fine. Sorry you had to toss out all those toys and beds.

Dakota said...

We love your heart and courage Maryann!
Please let us know if we can help.

Dakota and The Mom (Joni)

Colleen said...

Maryann and The Pack: He is so cute and thank God you picked him out. He wouldn't have had a chance otherwise.

I have a similar situation with Izzie, having started bloody diarrhea the day after I brought him home (the jist of the story is at Rosie and Abbies site a week or so ago). I am still paying off the vet bills from his ordeal, and while it wasn't Parvo, it was bad enough. The rescue group I got him from? Has had numerous complaints with the Sheriff's dept. as a result of many dogs coming out very sick (Tick Fever, Izzie's IBD, Heartworm, don't know the others). The Superior Court just found them guilty of neglecting to treat a dog for Heartworm and failing to inform the adopters of the condition. They had to pay the bills. Unfortunately, they were not shut down. But I'm just starting my battle with them, so hopefully they will be when I'm done.

Shoot, I just may call up the Ao4 when we find Beau!

Meanwhile, know I'm still praying for Durango and you all.

Peanut said...

Oh maryann we hope he gets better. I would be totally pissed at the shelter and probably be in there throwing a fit.
Whatever you do end up doing for him remember it will be the right decision. Don't second guess yourself.

Kapp pack said...

Oh we so hope he takes a turn for the better. Paws crossed and sbe vibes for the little guy. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do o help the little guy!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

The MOM said...

In case I haven't told you - you are the best mom any dog could be blessed with!

Looking at his pictures - I truly feel like Thrawn is watching out for him. I believe he will pull through this and he in turn will help you.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

We'll get the power of THE LIST on it -

He's too khute to suffer AND woo don't need it either!



Turbo the Sibe said...

We are thinking of all of you here in our house!

IndyPindy said...

My mom said "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! That's exactly how old I was when mom brought me home. Mom said I looked a lot like him - long skinny legs, short hair, and BIG ears!

You can see my puppy pictures here.

Ferndoggle said...

God Bless you Maryann. That poor little guy. What a horrific ordeal for your family to go through. I'm still thinking positive thoughts and am hoping he turns the corner. If only he knew the fabulous life he was in for...his will to live would pull him through.

You are amazing and my personal hero. The world needs more people like you and it would be a much better place.

Hang in there & let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help.


Maddox said...

Maryanne, I don't know what is wrong with me, but we're practically neighbors. If there is anything I can do to help out, just holler and I will hop and the car and come. I'm just in Fort Worth.

I just heard about this this morning and I am so sorry Durango is so sick. He is beautiful, but I know you'll do whatever is best for him. *cries*

Am so sad. Email me at if there is anything I can do to help this weekend. I will be around!

Carolyn, praying he gets well, so he and Maddox can say Hey at a local dog park someday

Holly said...

Maryann, If you need some financial help I will most gladly send you some!! I've been in your situation when Abby was very very ill back in 2001. So I know how stressful it is to think that you might have to give up due to funds. I ended up calling my mom, in massive tears and asking if she could please give me a loan. She did, and it really helped.

So, please, if you need help, I will gladly do it. And do NOT think that it is too much to ask, cuz it isn't! I want to help this baby too.

I am sending you huge prayers for him to pull through.

Jan and Holly

Randi said...

Hi Brat Pack & Maryann - My mom is taking over this post to you all..sorry...

Hi Maryann - Its Randi's mom here. As you & I both know, all the things that happen in life to our little fur kids sometimes are beyond our control - even though we are giving the the best, most expensive care that we can & sometimes can't afford...we do what we think is best to see that loving look in their eyes when you know you've made them feel happy, safe & secure...When they feel loved, we feel loved 50 thousand times over.

Some of them are with us for years & then even that is too short...some are with us for days or months or even a while longer..but no matter how long they are with us..they are attached to our hearts forever...

Please know that whatever the outcome with little Durango (we all hope & pray that he's with you for years & years) is that you have given him a chance when probably no one else would. You have him the opportunity to be in your care & give him the unconditonal love & support & nurturing he deserves. You make that one else...Little Durango has the best chance possible to overcome this..because you opened your heart to him. He is a life lesson that you are learning at the moment...he came to you for a REASON -

I'm blabbing here..but just know we are all praying for you & your pack...

If only everyone had a heart as big as yours, the world would be a better place..

All our love & all Randi's licks,

Randi & her mom

Ruby Bleu said...

Maryann...when I die I want to come back and be your dog! You are just so amazing and have such a giving heart. I really don't know if I could what you are doing.

I really hope he pulls thru...but no matter what know you are doing all you can...don't question or doubt yourself!

We will be thinking good thoughts for you Durango and the rest of the brats!

Love Michele & Ruby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I really hope that Durango will be ok soon. You sure have a big heart to keep him and take care of him

~ Girl girl

Luckie Girl said...

My heart just breaks thinking about how much suffering this little fellow must be going through right now. Durango does not deserve this but I know he's in good hands and is lucky to have met you and the Brats. I will keep checking back. We are here for you and I guess you know that already don't you? :)

Huskee Boy said...

I can't believe how lame those excuses given by SPCA were.. the least they could do is at least refund the adoption fee! I really admire your dedication, so hang in there! I hope Durango gets better soon.. *big hugs*

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're sending lots of AireZen your way! Our hearts are just breaking and mom is in tears! All paws and fingers are crossed for you here! You are one amazing woman, Maryann!

Love ya lots,
Maggie,Mitch and Sue

Amici said...

You definitely have a heart of gold Maryann. :) We think an awful lot of you. :)

We'll keep the little guy in our thoughts and prayers (and the rest of the Brat Pack too).

You guys have been through too much and we hope that whatever happens, happens for the right reasons.


wally said...

I'm with everyone else. You are a dog's best friend! And if you need anything--I know a lot of us here at DWB would be willing to pitch in. I think it's a real shame the SPCA is not helping, especially since--as you say--their adoption practices in this case were less than ideal.

We are keeping our paws and fingers and toes crossed for you and your pups.


The Daily Echo said...

You've all been through so much recently and now this. Please know that we're all praying and thinking of you and Durango, and your entire pack. Also, please stop by my Blog. There's an award there with your name on it. We hope it cheers you up just a bit.

Dory and Liza said...

Maryann -

Please let us know if there is anything we can do. I contribute annually to the ASPCA and have no problem calling their national office about your situation. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I also want to say you are my hero - I have never known anyone so dedicated and thoughtful when it comes to animal care and resuuing dogs! I've siad it before and I mean it you are doing god's work.

Anyhow if there is anything we can do for you the dogs or baby Durango - PLEASE let us know.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...


I am so sorry to hear that Durango has not turned the corner yet. I read up on Parvo and, with care, many, many dogs get through it and live long lives. I hope Durnago is on of them. If it is not to be, he is still so lucky to have found a loving home and family. It is too sad to consider how things would be if he had still been in the shelter.

I am keeping your and Durango and the rest of the Brats in my prayers.

Mary - the Dachsie Mom

The Zoo Crew said...

Simply said...I'm here for you.

Hang in there, Durango!!

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Oh Maryann, you have been through so much & then opening yur home & hearts to this handsome little guy. We are sending him Sibe & Mullin get well vibes. We hope he pulls through this. This little guy is getting the best care & love he can get from a great family. That shelter needs to be exposed. They should not be letting any animal be up for adoption until they know that the animal is completely healthy. That puts other animals outside of the shelter at risk. They should be helping to compensate for at least some of the vet costs. A little birdie (hint-hint) should let the media know about what is going on.
My thoughts are with you. I am glad that Bear's toe is on the mend & that you got a good report on that.

Sophie Brador said...

Maryann, I'm just so sorry you have to go through another heart wrenching ordeal. If anyone deserves an idyllic life with dogs, it's you. Durango could not have lucked into a better dog mom. I just know you will do whatever you can for him and love him through it all. I'm with Wally. I just know the whole DWB community is supporting you and you only have to say the word, and we will be there in whatever way we can.


Lady Kaos said...

Durango is so cute! I hope they can treat him and he'll be fine and can join you and the pack. If he does make it, do you know if he'll have any long term problems or have to take medicine or anything like that?
We're keeping you in our thoughts and hoping for the best for everybody!!
Kaos and Hilary

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

This is terrible. I had to take Wilbur to the emergency vet about a month after I got him because he got stepped on and then acted really hurt. I remember sitting in the waiting area while he was being xrayed and thinking, "what am I going to do if he needs some really expensive surgery?" I know you're faced with a hard decision about what to do, but I've seen through the past year of reading this blog that you make good decisions, and I know you will do so in this case as well.


Anonymous said...

oh dear.. I'm so sorry to hear this... you could try contacting . They might be able to help you out with the vet bills.

Honestly that fever was too high.. I thought normal was 101?

Anyway, my heart and prayers are with you.

FleasGang said...

Maryanne, you are a very, very special person. Someday you'll be rewarded for all your good deeds :-)

The FleasGang

P.S. Sorry Bear has to wear his lampshade but glad that's the extent of it!

Poppy said...

You are such a good dog Mom...Durango and all the others are very lucky to have you. We are sending positive thoughts your way and we hope your pack is together again soon.

Poppy and Sarah

jan said...

It's such a hard decision that you are having to make, but trust yourself to do what is best for the dog that trusts you.

Mack said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear of your heartache.
And yes, I know there is a special place in heaven for someone so kind and gentle to animals as yourself.
Hang in there and let us know if there is anything we can do to help!
PS: So glad Bear is doing good!

4xBs said...

oh we just don't know what to say. we are sad beyond belief to read about this sweet innocent beautiful puppy having parvo. please please please we are begging you, little puppy Durango, please get better. Maryann, you are a wonderful loving dog mom & we want you to have some love and joy with this pup. we are extrememly worried about his litter mates and the other pups at the shelter that he has come into contact with. we are also slighly appalled that the shelter doesn't seem to be offering much support, compassion, or even concern over this situation. sad sad sad... but mostly, we want the little guy to turn the corner to recovery, BUT if he doesn't, we want to give you our paws of support and admiration and respect. either way.

Jan said...

We are so happy about Bear's good report, but we are so sad about Durango's. He's a cute little guy and you've given him more than a chance. Many would just have returned him and left him to die. We've all got our paws crossed he gets better and something good happens to help you with your green resources. Vets are expensive.

We really hope to hear good news on all of you soon.

jans funny farm

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...


Jeremy said that in Georgia, that shelter could be sued for fraud. He is not sure what the laws are in Texas, however. Jeremy also said that by them saying that he has a increase in temp because he is excited - in turn they are saying the pup IS NORMAL AND HEALTHY. That is how he said he would argue the point if he had a case against them.

Keep us posed on the sweet baby. We know you are doing all you can for him.

Shelli (and kisses from Sitka and Tia too)

Jeannie and Marvin Braveheart Hound from Scotland said...

Dear Maryann, I am so late in catching up with this sad news about poor Durango and what he is going through.

I only caught up because of DWB news on my blog. Sorry!

I cannot believe a such sick dog would be knowingly re homed, and not treated by the shelter.

I am sometimes so glad I live in the UK where our shelter rules are so much more rigourous and also more sympathetic to both rescue dogs and owners, or prospective owners.

I feel for you all so much, and just hope and pray dear, sweet Durango can be helped.

Your love, care and attention alone if we lived in a perfect world, would be enough to bring his good health back.

Take care, and healing Scottish love to dear Durango,

Jeannie and Family and Marvin xxxxxx