Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Life isn't fair.

Tucker here - I was gonna add on to Bear's post below, but figured I needed to just write my own. This is that important.

I don't want anymore shots. Remember I told you I started my Adequan injections last week? Well, I went last Tuesday and was pretty scared, I posted pics of me shaking. I guess that wasn't sad enough (or she has a heart of stone) because Mom made me go again on Thursday. I thought really hard about not getting out of the car but I let her talk me into it. Sure enough, I got another shot. It was really, really scary. Angie told Mom that she would just come to the car from now on because I get so scared coming in the office. Get ready to be upset friends...Mom said NO. She said that I needed to learn that it was ok to come in and if we did it in the car I would just keep being a big baby.

I could hardly believe it. I still can't.

So yesterday came and Mom told me it was time to go to work - I KNEW what that meant. Sure I got to hang around the office but then I would be trapped in the car and taken to be stuck with a needle again. I began formulating a plan and by the time lunch came around I was ready. We got to Dr. Bill's and when she called me to get out but I DIDN'T.

She begged and pleaded but there was no way I was moving. I had the retractable leash on and she even tried to walk all the way into the office with it while I was in the backseat. How stupid do you think that looked?!? She's in the doctors office with a leash leading all the way out to the parking lot, through the open car door and into the back seat and she's calling "Tucker-Doodle, come on, please come here, Tuckerrrrrr, come on Doodle Bug". Blah, blah, blah - I heard it all but I took a stand. You guys would have been proud. (I even said no to treats!)

This hot guy (her words, not mine) came out with his quite cute puppy and even tried to urge me out. Nada. I wasn't moving, even if it meant meeting that puppy. Now she looked really embarrassed as she's standing there with him looking in at me. She tried for maybe a minute more then she half crawled into the back seat (bet she was regretting getting a car called a MINI) and GRABBED me like a sack of potatoes. It was almost inhumane and I'm thinking of writing a letter to my Congress-dog. She held me like a big baby and carried me in there!! I was mortified, I'm 8 years old you know - not some puppy. You can guess what happened next - OUCH. Poor me. I was so upset I just went to sleep when I got home. In her spot. HA.
I'm supposed to go again tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out how to get out of it. If you have any ideas let me know. Thrawn does this thing that makes him feel like he's 200 pounds instead of just 100. If I could do that I don't think she could lift me, I think I'll go practice.

Soon I'll have more holes than swiss cheese - Tucker


Lorenza said...

Hi, Tucker
Looks like there is no escape for you. You need those shots and you are going to have them anyway! Just relax. Getting them there in the car sounds well. That way you don't make your mom feel so embarrased!
Have a good night

Sophie Brador said...

Ah Tucker, It sounds just awful. I don't seem to notice when I get my shots for my arthritis, but then I got one of those lab necks, you know. Made to crash through bush and stuff. I just don't seem to feel it. And my vet is my auntie who gives me tons of cookies. That helps. I sure wish you could go to my auntie, but your Dr. Bill sounds totally cool too. You know what Tuck. I think you just have to suck it up and embrace the cookies. Um, was that tough love?


p.s. My mom is wondering how the heck your mom can get away with a mini and five dogs. She thinks thats hysterical, but really wants to know because she really wants a mini.

Peanut said...

You fit in a mini? Holy moly I can't beleive it. :) I have no advice on how to not get shots. I would stay bite her but hey she's just trying to help you out. Maybe paw her and scratch her up really good?

Kerrio said...

Oh Tucker - you poor thing! Shall we send an SUMD delegation to duff up your mum?

Aunt Jan said...

Tucker Doodle...I am so sorry for you but you have to be a big boy and take the shots...but honestly, your mom is a nut! The nurse should come to the car for you and bring some ice cream on the side!!!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Poor poor Tucker. I can't really help 'cos I am quite big and I don't think mistress could lift me. Especially when she gets a bad back hehe. It would be even worse if she tried to lift me.

I'm surprised the humiliation routine in front of hot guy didn't work. I think mistress would have caved in at that pooint and let Angie come out to the car.

PS Forgot to say on the other post that we will do you a reminder for the comp.

Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh Poor Tucker. We are so sorry you are afaid and have to turn into a piece of swiss cheese. That is no fun for you.

But your story was funny too. We are sorry for laughing.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Oh Tucker... I am so sorry that your mom seemingly is abusing you. I do think a letter to your congress-dog is in order. I think you should talk with Thrawn and get some "heavy weight" tips. I am proud of you for putting your foot down before your mom picked you up like a sack of tators! Humm... maybe you can ask Dr. Bill if this shot comes in a pill form??

Orion said...

Hi Brat Pack! I got to your blog through Peanut and Flash. I think you guys (and gals) seem like a lot of fun! Stop by sometime and say 'hi'! I definitely be back to talk to you guys!


wally said...

Oh poor Tucker! That's gotta be rough. Though were you really just doing it to help your mom meet the hot dude with the puppy? I'll admit I kinda like going to the vet because they think I'm the bees knees. And I don't mind getting shots. I do cry like a baby when my sissy gets her shots. Funny, eh? The vet asked if my ma ape trained me to do that. But nah, I'm just naturally a hoot.


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Tucker,
Uh oh..sounds like a very painful experience..so how Hawt was that guy? That was my Mom talking again..sheesh.
Maybe you should get some advice from Thawn. He should have some good ideas. I am sorry she treated you like a sack of potatoes..that really sucks. :(

Randi said...

Hey Tucker Doodle! I say you break into the vet office at night & doctor up the charts to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE you've had your shots..no other way around it..our peoples are sneaky that way...they forget to give us treats, give us toys, give us extra hugs & kisses BUT, they NEVER FORGET our yearly shots! Go figure.... Also..you need to find the "STASH" your ma hides...I did...& it always suprises the be-jabbers outta her when I just take a NEW toy without her authorization...like, WHO needs authorization? THESE ARE MY TOYS! She needs to move them from the floor of her workout room if she doesn't want me in the "STASH"!

Happy Turkey Day to all of you & so glad Thrawn is better..dirty..but that's OK...we just want him well!

Love & Licks,

Lady Kaos said...

Oh no Tucker! I'm finally back to blogging and I"m getting caught up on everybody. I can't believe she would let someone put that many holes in you! You be really careful when you're drinking! It might start spurting out!!!! I'll do some thikning on more ways to make her look stupid. What you did was pretty funny. I can just picture the leashe all the way out and her trying to get you to come out. That's hilarious!!
How many more times is she going to make you go?

IndyPindy said...

Oh you poor baby! I don't understand how your mom can be so mean! I think you should throw up in her car to teach her a lesson! Or else do some really stinky farts!

Mojo said...

Poor Tucker! you do your best Immovable Object routine and she has to spoil it by carrying you. Not fair.

My mum says she had an Alsatian many years ago who had perfected Thrawn's trick. She calls it the Extra Gravity thing. I'm going to have to practice it for when I need it.