Monday, September 24, 2007

My Day at Dr. Bill's and Of Course .02 from Thrawn

Hi Everypup and Girl Girl

It's Doodle and I just got home from Dr. Bill's office. I forgot I was supposed to go today until I couldn't eat after midnight last night. I was really worried and by the time we got there this morning I was pretty scared. Mom said I was "shaking like a leaf", whatever that means. She forgot her camera again so I don't have any shots of us there. Something about having to get up early and out the door just screws her all up.

He gave me something that made me veeeery sleepy and that's the last thing I remember. When I woke up I was missing something...
How am I going to eat without that big back tooth?!!? I was pretty upset about this, but then I noticed my mouth felt minty fresh and clean! I wish you could smell my breath - here, get REALLY CLOSE!!!

Refreshing, huh? So anyway, while I was under the knife they cut the skin tag off on my leg. I don't feel that at all now so who cares. I dunno if I told you but I've been kind of slow getting up and being able to jump on the bed. Soooo when I was asleep they took pictures of all my joints and sure enough, I'm gettin' old. My front is ok but my rear has a lot of athritis so I'm gonna start my Adequan injections next week. I'll have to go two times a week for the next four weeks then one time a month forever after that. Dakota used to do it and Thrawn still does, it really helped em both.

So Dr. Bill showed Mom those x-rays then said something like that was the better news. I wasn't in the room but I'm pretty sure Mom turned pasty white (more than usual). He put up another x-ray that showed some of my other parts like my Bladder and here's where things get fuzzy. I'm no doctor but apparently I ate some rocks and don't remember because now I have Bladder Stones. Maybe that's how I broke my tooth he had to take out?!?! A-HA! It's all clear now!!! The bad news is now I gotta go back and have a big time surgery where they're gonna cut a hole in me and dig out all my rocks. Uuugh, I want to faint just thinking about it!! I might even have to spend the night there but I'm gonna tell Mom no way, I can't. I've never spent the night alone and I'm not starting now.

So that's pretty much it for my day. I took my bear with me this morning and held it during the day when I was waiting. I don't know if I showed it to you yet, I got a bunch of cool new babies from that IKEA place the other day. He rode home in Mom's new Prada bag. I don't know why she calls the vet's nice blue shopping bags that. That long thing is my monitor report when I was asleep, Mom said it's going in my scrapbook that she'll never finish.I got lots of meds too, they make me feel kinda funny. Oops, I leaked blood on my other IKEA baby. I better have my maid wash him.So that's it, my whole day and now I'll have another day soon to tell you about when I have my surgery. Hopefully she'll remember the camera. Thrawn's nagging me for the computer so talk to ya later.

OK, it's Thrawn finally. You'd think he was some little old lady the way he goes on and on. Boohoo, he had to spend a day at Dr. Bill's. Big baby. I do it all the time. Let me tell you about MY weekend if you want some drama. I woke Mom up about 4 am on Saturday morning...when she came into the kitchen she totally freaked cause there was blood everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! For some reason one side of my nose started bleeding....then bled some more...then wouldn't stop. See that little red area? Yea. It was gross. She had to push on it and hold ice on it like forever or about two hours which totally sucked because I don't like cold face. Oh, don't mind that food all over my snout, I just ate.

So that totally made her grumpy for Saturday when they moved all of Nana's stuff. Talk about a grouch when she doesn't get sleep. So when she got home from moving Nana we hung out for a little while then right after midnight I had a seizure. I don't know why, it just happened. She was looking pretty haggard by then but started me on the valium and her new plan of vanilla yogurt & Rescue Remedy mixed together. So I got 2 pills right then and for the next 4 hours I got a pill each hour. Every thirty minutes for about the next 10 hours I got a couple spoonfuls of yogurt & RR. I didn't have cluster seizures!! This is like only the second time in my life I had a seizure that didn't turn into 2 days of them so maybe it worked. Or maybe it was a fluke and she has false hope, such is life you know.

So yesterday she looked like the Wicked Witch from the West but I figured one more thing wouldn't push her over the edge. Remember I told ya I drank ALL the time? Well, I started this thing that is driving her nuts and that's hanging my head in the bowl even when I'm not drinking so my jaw is in the water. It feels good, leave me alone already. Wellllll. I didn't know but when your skin gets really really wet all the time weird things start happening so when she came into the kitchen this morning my jaw was in what looked like a bowl of blood. I can't help it, she was kind of funny the way she freaked out. Now I only get stupid shallow bowls of water that I can't rest in really and I have to get stuff smeared on my jaw to help block some of the water. Humans suck, they ruin everything. Here's my waterlogged mouth in case you want to see what it's not supposed to look like. I really don't see what the problem is. Here's the stupid double dishes I have to try to drink from. I hope I don't dehydrate.Just to show how unhappy I am about it I busted down the gate while she was at work today and when she came home I was asleep on the bear bed. Of course Bear ran back in the kitchen when he heard the key so he looked innocent. Whatever. This is what he did all day - cleaned my ears cuz he's my slave dog. Here's the gate I whooped ass on today.I think this is the longest post ever in our blog so you're probably asleep by now. Gotta go get some rest, all this drama makes me tired. - Thrawn


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Doodle and Thrawn... you both have had some major drama!!!

Doodle, I am very interested in why you thought rocks were tasty? They must have had some steak that fell on them or something. That has to be it. I am sorry that you have to have surgery to get them removed. What a big bummer.

Thrawn, I am sorry you had another seizure. I am SUPER happy that it was only one. I have never had a bloody nose, but mom has. I was real worried the one time she got one. Humm, I don't rest my head in my water, but I like to dip my nose in it and shake all about.

Oh, my mom wanted me to tell your mom - What about getting a stand for Thrawn's water, that way he can't sleep in his bowl???

Well, that was her statement. I don't see why she felt the need to give your mom a tip. Sorry Thrawn if your mom does this to you.

wally said...

That was the greatest longest post ever! Well, except for the news about the stonables and the seizurables and the lack of napables. Your should tell your mom to take more naps. It does wonders for me. My ma ape would be a lot less grouchy if she'd hit the nap tip every once in awhile. Anyway. You guys sure keep your mom on her toes! Except when you break her leg and then you keep her OFF her toes. Ha!

Does your grandma like her new home?


Lisa said...

Gosh I don't even know where to start with a comment. Doodle Bug, sorry about your future ouchie surgery. And your Arthur-Itis. Getting old sucks, but beats the alternative. Thrawn, you are too much. I think you live to make your mom's life more difficult! But you're so darn handsome!

Holly said...

Wow, so much drama!! I sure hope everyone will be ok from all their ailments! Thrawn, your chin looks icky! Doodle, I hope your rocks come out ok!


Gus said...

Never a dull moment at your house, huh guys? You give your poor mom so many problems, and she just keeps on lovin' you. You are the luckiest group in the world.

Give your mom kisses from me.


Aunt Jan said...

Tucker Doodle,
I hope the doggie tooth fairy comes to see you tonight! Maybe she will bring you some doggie toys!
Wonder what the rock fairy will bring you when they take out all those rocks, ick!
Thrawn, I saw your mum this weekend, and she looked pretty worn out...better slow down!

Maddox said...

Wow, I guess I better stop eating rocks...except I prefer wood. Good fiber, you know? But Mom keeps taking it away from me. Won't let me have her shoes, so I got some wood from the pile, and then she gets upset at that. I hope your surgery goes well. I'm supposed to have a Snip Snip soon. Not sure what that is.

Thrawn, you are smart. Do you know how to get out of crates, too? I need help.


Kerrio said...

Nice pearly whites Doodle! (but not sure about that second op thing - sounds scarey, though you'll probably feel much better afterwards)

And as for Thrawn, you guys sure have been in the wars...

Healing Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

Luckie Girl said...

Whoa, there's *never* a quiet moment at your place huh? I hope both of you are feeling better now.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw Doodle, I hope you'll get better. I'm sure your breath smells nice and minty now. Love your IKEA baby. :)

Thrawn, that's very strong of you to break the gate. I hope you're ok now
~ Girl girl

The Daily Echo said...

Oh my dogness! Your poor Mom! Mom said she had stones in her body but she doesn't know how they got there because she certainly didn't eat them! Maybe this is a mystery for the AO4 to solve. We do hope Thrawn and the rest of the pack (and Mom!) are having a better day today.

Poppy said...

Aww, you poor guys! I hope you both feel better soon. And maybe you'd better think about a lemonade stand to help your mom bring in some extra cash for the vet bills!


Ruby Bleu said...

OMD what drama...I hope you boys give your Mom a little break on the health issues...she sounds really tired.

Feel better boys!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Texas's Mum said...

Hey Doggies,
Tucker dude i hope that you
get better and we will send you good
vibes and paw power to get throw
your opp.

Thrawn we hope that your
jaw gets better asap and we are
sorry that you had a seizure but we like
Sitka and Tia are happy that it was only
one so big guy get better ok.

Maryann myself and my hoomans just want to say WOW to you. You are a super mom to your doggies and they are very very lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them so take care all of you.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh boy, my mom says we should live near each other with all the tramas with give our moms. Or, are all of us k-9's related in some way?
Hope all of you are okay today.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We hope you get to feeling back to normal soon. Your poor mom can't take much more!! You too, Thrawn!

Steve and Kat

Kapp pack said...

So glad to hear everyone is feeling better. That's not so good news about the bladder rocks, but it sounds like you are in good hands. I think your mom calls them Prada bags b/c she has to spend so much money at the vet for all of you. Don't worry my mom has to for us too! Sounds like your plan really worked for Thrawn's seizures.We have a foster husky at MaPaw right now that has seizures I will have mom pass on that info to them.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Sophie Brador said...

Oh man, I needed a good chuckle today, and you sure gave me a laugh, Thrawn. Thank you, your dogginess!

And Dood, I had two of my big giant back teeth removed. Don't worry. You can still eat. It just might be a bit sensitive for a bit. Look at the bright side. I'll bet you had a great sleep!

IndyPindy said...

Oh, poor Doodle and Thrawn, and your poor mom!

Hey, we read that some dogs get melatonin to help prevent seizures, Holly's mom does that for Abby. This web site talks about it: I'm glad the rescue remedy works, that is good stuff! You guys take care!

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Oh my, yur poor mommy. Never a dull moment wif you two. Hope you both are feeling better real soon! Juneau is helping to keep the gray hairs popping out on mommy's head. He is always into sumthing where he shouldn't be or chewing/swallowing sumthing that is not food.

wally said...

Dear Sam,

I am tagging you to share 5 things you love about DWB. And only 4 of them can be me and my Big Ass.


ps. Hope everyone is doing ok at your house! You're very busy around there. I have allergies and I need someone to help me scratch those bits I can't reach. Hint Hint.

MaPaw said...

Oh my goodness. I guess it is good the vet x-rayed your hips and happened to see the bladder stones. My Bailey dog cleans my ears. Sometimes he gets a little neurotic in his efforts to clean all of us. Bear is probably doing the only thing he knows how to do to make Thrawn feel better.

Bama said...

Wowooo Tucker, thanks for the warning, now I understand why my mom won't let me chew on the tasty rocks. I used to try all the time but I'm gettin better bout it now. Thrawn, you're gonna give your mom heart failure, besides you really need to try to keep your blood inside, it might not be as fun as spraying it all over the kitchen, but we're sure it's much better for you! Our BoogieBoy has seizures sometimes, I wonder if the yogurt & RR would work for him, too?
Bama & the RHP