Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We love ya, Scubee

We just read the sad news over at Scubee's Blog. He's back home from the hospital but the Cancer has pretty much taken over so he's getting ready to say good-bye to his family. We're so sad for all of them, but happy they were able to be together the last 25 months and that Scubee has had the life since then that he deserved. We know that our Dakota will be waiting for him over the Bridge and they're going to have so much fun together.

-Maryann, Tucker, Thrawn, Dot, Sam and Bear


wally said...

Isn't this so sad. You know how they say that parents shouldn't outlive their children? My ma ape thinks that they shouldn't outlive their pets, either. Hugs to all of you (from me that means a big hearty lick on the face and a snuggle).


Lorenza said...

I read about Scubbe condition. Its so sad. But like he said he had 25 great months with his family. Sure he is loved!

Peanut said...

We read that to. We are all very sad here. Scubee has been a great friend.

Maggie said...

Thanks for letting us know guys! We're on our way over to Scubee's blog!

Love ya lots,

Toby said...

Oh my....that is so sad. We're off to visit Scubee's blog now.